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The honorable first post

Posted on: October 9, 2007

Bloggity blog blog..
I must have had about 7 or 8 blogs/online journals in the past 7,8
years. Each of them I started off with a very strong start and then
slowly trailed off.. I wish that I coule be one of those people who
could just stick with something. But I’ve honestly been inspired but
reading blogs lately that have lasted years so I want to try my best and
at least try and write a couple meaningful entries a month.

The first post of a blog is always confusing.. do you write an
introduction or not. I already know my own story and if this blog is
more of a catharis/personal refelction then I don’t really need one, but
if some years down the line a random person stumbles across my blog and
wants to know WHY? then if I wrote an introduction then it would shed
some light on me.

So first of all, my name is Sarah. I am the daughter of an interntional
marriage between a Brit and an American which didn’t work out. But..
from a young age I had the chance to travel between American and Europe
and I think it really opened me up to other cultures and experiences. I
came to Japan for the first time as an exchange student in 2003. The
experience was an overwhelmingly positive one and left a large
impression on me. I was one of those kids in high school who had watched
anime and thought it was cool, but coming to Japan (also after I was
pretty much out of that phase anyways) put a more real perspective on
everything. I also began studying the language in college and for
whatever reason was able to pick it up with a reasonably fast pace. Not
saying that Im fluent or anything.. and indeed lately speaking in
Japanese has become the bain of my exsistance with the exception of
talking to Ryohei (BF) (story to come later) Suffice it to say that
after graduating from University in Boston, I found myself boarding a
plane to come and take part of the JET program(summer 2006) for what I
assumed to be a year, maybe two at the most. Well here I am in my second
year and things have definetly changed.

Job –> I came to Japan as an ALT and although I enjoyed the students I
always felt left out at school and pretty much regarded as inferior to
the other teachers. I never had a bad team teaching experience like some
other people I knew but I just felt like the outsider there. Although I
do enjoy teaching and espicially interacting with children. However in
my city, there was a CIR leaving and so I interviewed to take his
position and miraculously ended up working at the City Hall in the
International Division doing mostly translation and proof reading of
documents although with the occassional translation (which leaves me
slightly terrified). In my city you can recontract (if allowed) for up
to 5 years and I’m hoping to be able to work through my 4th year.
(summer 2010) Before becoming a “baby machine” and moving to the inaka..
(ok Im getting to why in the next part)

Relationships–> (past)Its a little ackward to talk about.. but until a
little over a year ago I had been in an off/on realtionship for 7 years.
This was the person who, even though they obviously we weren’t meant to
be that I wouldn’t give up on, and despite some of the crappier things
that happened contiuned to stick by if only for the reason that I
thought I wouldn’t be able to love anyone else again. I’m ashamed to
admit that one of the reasons I figured my stay would be so short would
be so that I could go back to America and be with him, but thankfully
for one reason or another coming to Japan this time made me realize that
while he was a good guy and I really appreciate all the good times that
we had, that it wasn’t meant to be. I think that this realization had
been coming for a while, but since we pretty much lived together and all
had the same friends I think we pretty much stuck it out until I came
out here and then started to drift apart.

(present)So about this time last year I met/started seeing my amazing
boyfriend! We met through a mutual friend who had studied abroad at his
university and hit it off from the get go. We actually spent the first
night we met together! (on seperate couches hahaha pervs) And after our
first meeting we arranged to go out the next week since he was visiting
America for the first time and wanted advice from a real American. He
also developed the habit of calling me every night until we met that day
and we had long, long phone calls. It was almost like being in school
again. Anyways, we met at Umeda station on October 28th 2006 and it was
pretty much fate from there. Since then its been a long long year. We’ve
had to deal with a lot, mainly the fact that because of his job he moved
last March to Tokyo and we only see eachother about 1 to 2 times a
month. But he is quitting his job next March and we plan to move in
together while he goes to school in my city to take the civil servant
exam so that he can get a job in his home town of Niigata. We’ve also
tentatively decided to get married next October, but this is a touch and
go situation after weve moved in together. However we ARE planning to
get married whether it be next year or the year after and subsequently
move to Niigata to pop out (aprx.) 3 mixed race babies over the next 10
years haha.

It would be nice if I could use this journal to chronicle the next few
years. I was so good about keeping paper diaries in Jr. High school and
I know someday my kids will be able to read them and see how I was when
I was their age. As for this journal.. its always good to moniter life
and ones progress throughout it. I have a lot of really exciting things
on the horizen and I want to be able to properly remember and appreciate
them even many years from now.


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This was very interesting Sarah! If not a little sad that in 2003 I came to Japan on JET while you were here on exchange.

Aaah, I’m old.

This was very interesting Sarah! If not a little sad that in 2003 I came to Japan on JET while you were here on exchange.

Aaah, I’m old.

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