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Birthday Weekend in Tokyo

Posted on: October 13, 2007

So.. this past 3 day weekend, (thanks sports festival day!) I went to
Tokyo to visit my lovely boyfriend Ryohei and also to celebrate the
coming of year number 24.. (that number just keeps getting higher.. o.o)

Anyways we spend the weekend typically enough. Lazy, lazy lazy..

Friday – Got in late at night from the bus. Ryohei met me at the station
and we rented Greys Anatomy Dvds from the local video store. When we got
home we SAID we were going to bed but we ended up watching a DVD. So I
was pretty exhausted.

Saturday – Woke up, cuddled, ordered pizza hut (we both love pizza hut
so we have to order it at least once while Im there.. it may be adding
to my little blubber problem I’ve been having lately, but its sooo yummy
I can’t help it.. once, twice a month.. >_<) finished off the dvds and
pretty much laid around the house all day talking etc. That night I was
begging to have yakiniku so we went out to this cheap shop we had been
to before only to find that it had closed 😦 So instead we had
monja/okonomiyai. Which was fine! On the way home we rented another
movie (Music and Lyrics w Drew Berymore and Hugh Grant) and watched
that. The movie was decent, I liked the 80s pop sound track.. may have
to find it somewhere! Anyways after that was sleep of the dead.

Sunday – Got up decently early with a pretty full day ahead of us.
Ryohei is obbsessed with Ramen and looked up some Ramen ranking online
so he dragged me off to eat it.. I ended up getting a miso one which was
really oily and made my tummy a little upset. Ryoheis tasted so good..
so.. yup next time I’m letting him pick mine. (I’m not a huge ramen fan
though.. but hey we make allowences for the people we love right!) So
after that Ryohei took me off to Yasukuni Jinja which honors all the war
heros, it was pretty interesting to see all the memorabilia and we
watched a bit of a documentary. Afterwards we went to the WW2 room and
Ryohei bawled as he read all the letters that dead soilders had written
to their families. I read a couple too and did feel kind of teary eyed,
espicially the dads writting to their young kids.. there was one that
really stuck me in the heart. Poor kids.. losing their parents like
that.. Anyways, moving on, we went to Shibuya and Ryohei bought my
birthday present! A ring! Its not necessarly my engangment ring, but it
might end up being it.. we are both pretty poor so its nothing great or
big, but he had our names and my birthday engraved on it and Im wearing
it on my ring finger. It comforts me to have a little piece of something
that he gave me at all times. While we were waiting for the engraving I
wanted to go and give blood to give something back to the world. lol But
since I had been in England between 1980 and 1996 (thanks dad) I am not
allowed to give blood to Japan. Oh well.. I still don’t know my blood
type, and I was hoping I could find out.. Anyways we got the ring, went
back, cuddled, and the sleep of the dead again.

Monday – Was once again pretty lazy.. to be honest I’ve already forgot
what we did.. oh wait! We went to go see a movie in Shinjuku. Shiawase
no Recipe with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was cheesy but cute 🙂 After
that I was feeling grouchy and my tummy hurt again so we went home.
Ryohei made curry and we watched some TV specials. It was so nice, I love just spending the night with him at home alone.

Tuesday – It was time for both of us to get on with real life aka work..
So we got up at the normal time.. early early and he headed to work and me to the airport to go back. Its always so hard to say good bye on the train but having people around makes it easier not to cry.

Anyways this post is way late! But it really was a good weekend. I can’t wait to see him again for our anniversary at the end of the month.

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