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Plans of mice and men and me..

Posted on: October 22, 2007

October 2006

Its time that I typed something
about my wonderful, wonderful guy. I still can’t believe how lucky I was
to find someone like him. So.. in celebration of our anniversary I think
I will spill his praises here, and wonder if someday he will find this..
(and hopefully be able to read it)

I love Ryohei because he is so kind. Apparently he wasn’t always, his
friends from when he was in university always tell me that it was
meeting me that made him nice. I think hes always been a nice guy
though. He is so caring and patient was me all the time. No matter how
many times I cry or get upset or anything hes always there and he I can
count the times he’s raised his voice to me on one hand. Whereas.. in my
case it would take a few limbs… damn my slight temper 😦 Even though
we live decently far now, Tokyo to Kobe, he always finds ways to stay in
touch and let me know that hes by my side.

Every morning and about 7:45am I get a mail from him starting with
Ohaiyo and ending with Aishiteru and like 6 or 7 little heart marks. The
content between the 2 greetings may be long or short and maybe be about
a great number of things. But always, those two words are there. They
help to get me through the day. “Good morning” “I love you”. I get my
second contact a little bit afternoon as usally he will mail me on his
lunch break, at that time it could be anything from “Im off to my sales”
to “I miss you!” to who knows! Occasionally we will talk during lunch
time, but its so expensive to talk here that we’ll just exchange an
email. After that sometime during the afternoon he will email me again
and tell me how his sales went and anything else. This isn’t all the
time, and I don’t expect it, but its always nice to take a bathroom
break and find a mail with something, anything from him. At night..
being in the wonderful salaryman job that he is, he gets home between
10:30 to 12:00 everynight. But even then he usually can find 30 minutes
between eating, bathing, taking out his contacts, and sleep to just talk
and wind down. I know that both of us are lonely, so this little break
before sleeping is so helpful just to relax and talk.. or in my case cry
(I get so emotional sometimes.. *sigh*) If about 2 weeks pass and we
haven’t seen eachother it starts to get really lonely.. Sometimes if its
a really lonely night we’ll leave our video chat program on over night. And
his alarm will always wake me up the next morning and I can just glance
at his computer and hes there. Today in his morning email he told me
that the pigeons on my balcony woke him up.. I of course slept through
them. hehe.. but it helps.. I hate sleeping alone in my apartment so
maybe once, twice a week we’ll do that. Espicially Sunday nights since
after the weekend sometimes its so hard to sleep.

I guess that I should be thankful that I met Ryohei when we were both
still relatively young and still had a lot of time to make choices. When
I met him he was still in University and even though his job (in Tokyo)
had been decided we spent a lot of time together, His first few months
working (from this years April) were so incredibly hard on me. Not only
did we have to live apart but I just couldnt get used to the long hours,
NO VACATION days, and working on every 4th Saturday. I had planned to
move to Tokyo to live with him next year, but every time I went to visit
him I was so miserable and although I loved him so much, I didn’t think
that I could make a relationship, let alone a marriage as we had begun
talking about at that point, work in such a situation. After about 3
months of this.. to me.. cruel and unusual job, he told me that he
planned to quit the next year to move to Kobe and study for the public
servant exam.


(work situation)
The nice thing about being a public servant or koumuin is that its a
goverment regulated job with little to no overtime (depending on the
location), actually holidays, and other perks such as free tickets to cool
places etc. (Im actually doing what would be considered a public servant
job now, and I love it) He has always wanted to live in his hometown in
Niigata and although he chose to join a company in Tokyo he always
wanted to go back. He told me when we first met, he wanted to make a
branch of the company that he works at now back in Niigata, but obviously thats an
idea that didn’t work well. Ryohei, like me, is definetly not a
salesperson. I can see him much more in an office setting like the one I
work in presently, even though he’ll be making much less per month then he would in the business world. But
thankfully since I am a native English speaker there will always be some
English teaching job that I can use to get an extra income for us. Of
course since I’m doing translation/office work now, the thought of going back to
being an English teacher is not the most appealing, but moving to
Niigata, there aren’t as many opportunities as there are in a big city
like Kobe, Tokyo, or Osaka.

Of course since the Japanese job system is (IMHO) messed up, public servant
jobs are in high demand and there is an annual exam with only about a
16-20% pass rate. In other words, my boy has to study his butt off at prep school to
get ready for the exam. I really believe that he can do it, hes a smart
guy, but Japanese University isn’t the most challenging so I think that
hes forgotten a lot of the skills you need for the test. He’ll begin
studying in Kobe next April and the exam is June 2009 so I am
crossing my fingers that he can do it. Even then, he won’t start working
until April 2010.. so I am the main breadwinner until that point which
is a little scary. However my work is stable, and my salary is way more than enough for two people to live on economically and I intend to stay at my work saving money
until summer 2010 before (knock on wood) moving up to Niigata to join
him. (He’d have to leave in April 2010 for work.. so we’d be apart again for maybe 4 months..)

(Family situation)

We’ve already talked about the kids thing a lot.. I guess it can’t be
helped, we’ve both wanted children, and to be relatively young when we
started having them. I really wanted to be in the place to start having
a family around next year, but due to the above circumstances its going
to have to wait until 2010. But, I think once(if) he gets the position
which we will know by fall of 2009, we will start trying for a baby
then. So.. if all things go to plan.. which they don’t always tend to
do.. we will be welcoming our first child about this time in 3 years. We
want 3 children total…

It really does feel early to talk about this knowing that its something
that won’t happen for a while. But I’ve always dreamed of having my own
family so its nice.. I guess it doesn’t help that one of my good friends
with a Japanese husband is married and expecting their first child
anyday now. I just really want that homelife.. I wonder what it will be
like to reread this post in 2,3 years.. I always enjoy reading my old diaries and seeing how things really ended up working out.

Anyways.. I’ve written way more than I planned to! But I killed an hour
of doing nothing at work!

October 2007

Happy Anniversary Honey!!


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Hope that it all turns out the way you plan. You guys look so cute together by the way!!

thanks trisha!!

i hope it turns out how we plan.. but i also know theres a lot of room for error! but well.. i’ve always been a bit of a romantic since I can remember! Thanks for visiting me! I’m gonna go read up on your blog!! More things to kill time at work!

your boyfriend is really cute!! 😉 you two look good together, i hope you continue to be happy!

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