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Interesting weekend

Posted on: November 5, 2007

So this was an eventful weekend. And then at the same time I feel like
nothing really happened at all. I woke up Saturday morning feeling awful
I don’t know if it was the cold going around my office or exhaustion,
but I had a fever and could barely get out of bed without feeling dizzy.
I was supposed to meet up with one of my friend Ana in Osaka that
afternoon and had to cancel since I didn’t know if I would like through
the journey. I decided to sleep it off and ended up taking a very long
nap in the afternoon. I’m wondering if it was just exhaustion from the
last week because when I woke up I felt fine so I called her to see if
we could reschedule but it ended up not working out so I decided to just
relax at home for the rest of the evening.

However about an hour late I got a call from my other friend Mandy
(fellow californian!) who is over 9 months pregnant. Her husband was at
work and she was having light contractions so after talking for a while
I decided I would go over to her house and wait with her until her
husband go home. He wasnt due home for about 3 more hours but at 7ish
she started getting more intense and frequent contractions and decided
to call her doctor, after talking to him she decided to call her husband
home from work and we all went to the hospital together. She was told
that she wasn’t dialated(spelling?) enough yet but she chose to spend the night
there anyways and I left for home.

So she called me the next morning to tell me she gave birth to a healthy
baby boy, Toshi. She sent me a picture and he is so adorable!! I’m going
to visit them in the clinic on Wednesday. I’ve never had a close friend
with children before so I’m looking forward to having a little one to dote on until I am in the position to have one of my own!

But yay Congrats
to Mandy and Nobu on their beautiful little boy!

Ok.. so Sunday is usually the one day a week when Ryohei and I actually
get to talk. And he had gone out the night before with some of his old
sempai from his college days and told them about his work situation and
they had told him, you should just get out of there as early as
possible.. and of course since his Japanese sempai told him this he is
now seriously considering it. So he called his parents to talk to them
about it, and apparently his dad got really upset and wouldnt hear him
out at all and told him that if he didn’t work harder at his company
that I would leave him. So Ryohei was obviously pretty upset.
And then I was upset, so far I have a pretty good relationship with his
parents so I would hate to be out of their good graces espicially before
we get married. I am just afraid that they are going to think this
American came in and poisioned their oldest sons mind with dreams of
becoming a komuin and etc.. apparently his dad thinks that he won’t pass
the exam and that by quitting his job now he will be doomed to be
jobless and poor forever. So Ryohei in his fit of rebellion told me now
he has extra motivation to pass the test so that he can prove his father

Anyways blame it on PMS, or blame it on me just being a bitch.. but I
got really upset and was pretty much just crying and feeling like crap.
And then I said some inappropriate things and made him cry and then I
snapped out of being a bitch and apologized and then we both calmed
down. I am usually a really calm nice person but before my period I get
so emotional and I tend to be way overreactive.. usually Ryohei is ok
with it, even used to it.. but I think the whole thing with his Dad got
to him so both of us were pretty boro-boro over the whole evening. But
as always things are fine with us now.. we both just need to vent
sometimes, and once its done its done. Thats one of the things I love
about him, neither of us will hold a grudge. Just get out the dirt and
get over it and move on to better things. But in conclusion, Ryohei is
considering leaving his job earlier than planned and moving in with me. The earliest
he could leave would be right before new years, so about another two months. We’ll probably talk
about it more when I go to my conference in Tokyo in two weeks and see him.

Back to the Monday drag!

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