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November afternoon…

Posted on: November 7, 2007

This has been a pretty relaxed week..

I visited Mandy in the hospital yesterday! She looked very tired but
happy, baby Toshi is so cute and small!! I haven’t seen a newborn
forever so it was almost frightening to touch him, but he was so good
and hardly cried at all! Mandy affectionately referred to me as his
godmother, and although that doesnt really have a lot of weight to it in
this country, I was still really touched by her gesture! I guess I have
to spoil my “godson” every once and a while from now on.

Starbucks FINALLY released the winter drinks!! I decided to splurge and
order a Grande Gingerbreak Latte! It was very very yummy and put me in a
holiday mood, but it was too big! Haha I guess I’ve gotten used to living in Japan! I used to get big Starbucks lattes back home
all the time. Oh well, getting a just a tall saves me money and calories so I’m

This afternoon was beautiful. Theres a park next to my work
which has a memorial to all the people who died in the Hanshin-Awaji
Earthquake 12 years ago. Its under a waterfall and very pretty and
sometimes I go down there just to look at all the names and feel.. I
both relaxed and sad at the same time. So today I went down to take a
look there were some flowers and a
note set out in front of one section. The flowers were a birthday present to a man
who died during the earthquake. The note talked about how his
grandmother was still healthy and that they had his favorite coffee and
mr. donuts donuts in celebration of his birthday. At the end it was
signed, from your mom.. Ahh.. it was so sad.. I couldnt stop the tears
rolling down my face, at that moment a salaryman walked in and just
stared at me – the crying gaijin – and I felt so embrassed so I
left but I couldn’t stop my tears. I still had time left before
my break was over I went to the other side of the park and watched the
giant water fountain. The sky was so blue and the wind was crisp and
beautiful and I had one of those moments where you really do feel
thankful to be alive and to be here in this world. Sometimes these
moments of clarity just hit and make me feel like I have to appreciate
all the time I have here and live each day I have to my best ability. I
get so sad and depressed espicially about the LD thing, but I have a lot of other things that I should be
happy and thankful for.

I guess this post is a little early for Thanksgiving, but I really am
thankful to be here and have all these good things going for me. I need
to remember this feeling!

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