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Posted on: November 26, 2007

Hey blogging world.. its been a while!
I think its been over a week and a half since I last blogged. Of course
with how crazy its been over the last week I haven’t even had time. I am
feeling incredibly stressed out, and considering what I nice week I had
with Ryohei I feel like I shouldn’t be.

I flew out to Tokyo two Fridays ago for a conference and then Ryohei and
I flew back to Kobe last Friday for Thanksgiving and general relaxing
here in Kobe. It really was a good trip. It was a decent conference and
it was a break from the office atmosphere and Thanksgiving was
delicious. Last year I celebrated with some JET friends but this year I
went up to Osaka to a house that had an oven thus.. real turkey and real
pumpkin pie. It was four international couples. 2 married, 2 dating with
either American or Japanese nationalities. Over all it was very fun! We
even played old fashioned Milton Bradley games like “password” note..
not the best if your teammate doesn’t really speak English.

I realized that Ryohei’s level is quite lower than most of my friends
DH/DBF levels. This is probably because a lot of other couples I know
seem to do half/half or more English but we’ve constantly been doing
J-go for the past over a year. This is great for me.. but I wonder how
its going to be when we have kids. I feel like if the husband speaks a
decent amount of fluent English and the kids can hear it from both
parents they will obviously have a better grasp of the language right?
Obviously I dont have kids yet, but I still think about. Actually.. we
went to visit Mandy and her baby (hes soooo cute by the way) and Ryohei
was holding him and my bosei (maternal instincts) are just throbbing. No
no no no…. at least not until Ryohei gets a (good) job. I must control myself since
lol.. we aren’t even married yet.

Well, we will be pretty soon. We’ve decided to “up” the date when we
turn in our paperwork etc. So now we are thinking late February. We are
both quirky like that so we are considering Feb. 29th since it happens
once every leap year. We normally just celebrate our anniversary as when we
became a couple, so having a big “wedding anniversary” only every 4
years seems nice. Like I said, most people I’ve run it by seem pretty
flabbergasted, I think its cool.. (i am so unromantic ;_; )

Anyways.. this week is just stress. Stressball stress.
Not only do I have to de-get used to being with someone, thanks 10 days
of being together. But I have a huge project at work culminating on
Friday and Saturday where I will be working crazy overtime and also the
JLPT on Sunday which I feel very unprepared for although I have been
studying it just feels like its not sticking.. add to the fact that
Friday and Saturday = no studying time.. and yah. I realize that I wont
learn that much more in the last 2 days, but I’ve always had a decent
procrastinator memory. I realize even if I fail this year its not the
end of the world.. but it just sucks to have to wait a whole year to
even get a chance again.

So yah.. sorry this time is boring. I just feel the stress dripping off
me. Ah.. I’ll write more about the Ryohei situation too.. he’s
(supposedly) handing in his resignation today which means that
officially from New Years on he’s mine well on Sundays that is, Monday
through Saturdays he belongs to school.

Ok ok.. Im going I swear!


2 Responses to "Streeessssssss"

Was wondering when you were going to join us back in blog world!!!

I think the idea of having the 29th of Feb as a wedding anniversary is cool!!! I didn`t realize you were going to hand in your papers to get married so soon! How exciting!!!

Shumpei has agreed to come to Australia next year for a year (The year was his idea not mine…I think after six months I will be ready to leave Brisbane again but we`ll see!) I am very excited…I am so happy he agreed to come. He will learn English while he is there!!

It sounds like you had a good week with Ryohei! It must be good to be able to spend time together…Of course you will have a lot more time together from January!!!

Which JLTP are you doing? 1qyuu? Best of luck!!!! I have never heard you speak Japanese but I am sure you will do great!!! I am planning on doing level 1 next year…maybe! But it will probably end up been the year later because I think I would rather be in Japan when I do it! and next december I will be in Australia. It is just an excuse though I know!!!

I worry about Shun`s english level alot too…he understands a lot but really can`t speak at all…but I am hoping he year in oz will help that. But I figure I am a native speaker of English and he is a native speaker of Japanese so I am sure our children will take the best of both of those languages when they learn to speak!!! If you are worried about it start speaking to him in English, even if he responds in Japanese it will be helping him. I use Japanese 95% of the time with Shun too but I will have to start using English a lot more. As for when you have kids, the thing to remember is never speak to them in Japanese…continue to speak to Ryohei in Japanese but always speak English too your kids, even if the understand Japanese better!!!

Have a good week, don`t stress too much! Stop and take deep breaths when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed! Take care

I’m glad you enjoyed your 10 day break with Ryohei!! Being by yourself again does take a little to get used to!!

Wow, your planning on getting married in February, how exciting. Congratulations. Are you guys going to have a ceromony too?

I worry too about Naoki’s english level – the more my Japanese improves, the less English Naoki uses. And his english is far from good as it is… Living in Japan makes it especially hard to use english…

I love knowing that there are a few others worrying about the same things as I do… I constantly worry how I’m going to get my children (when I have them) to be able to speak english as well as Japanese. Naoki and I are going to try to speak english at home, and only use Japanese outside of the house – but by amount of Japanese we are using now, I’m not sure if it’s going to work!

Good luck for the Japanese test on Sunday! I hope you do well. I’m only doing Level 3, but am stressing over it. I really don’t think I am going to pass!! But anyway, its experience!

Don’t stress too much – take a long hot soak in the bath when things get too much. That always works for me!

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