Once Upon a Tanbo

Posted on: December 4, 2007

So the lack of posts recently may only give you a slight glimpse into
just how insanely busy my life has been over the past week. Since the
end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have been pretty much out of the
office the whole week working on an important and tiring project. Pretty
much I had to be an on call interpreter for individuals from three
different countries as well as MC a seminar, welcome reception, visit
with government officials etc.

My job usually never has overtime but from last week Weds on we had
various meetings, airport pickups, etc which meant pulling extra long
hours. As well as giving up my Saturday for tour guiding and
interpreting for visitors. Of course this is all part of my job, and I
did actually enjoy it, however Sunday was the crux of my evil week and I
took the 1kyuu Japanese proficiency exam. I was pretty exhausted for
most of it, but we’ll see how it goes.

So now it is FINALLY December. This is the last stretch in putting up with all the craziness that has been going on the last 9 months
or so. Its hard to believe that in less than a month Ryohei and I will
be finally moved in together, for good. It really is a weird, weird
feeling. I try and imagine having him come home at night and cooking dinner
for two, and I still can’t do it. Of course its not just smooth
sailing until then, theres still a lot of planning and work to do.

I’m going to Tokyo one final time right before Christmas to help Ryohei
sell a lot of his furnature to a recycle shop, and to send some items to
both my house and his parents house in Niigata. I’ll be coming back to
Kobe on Christmas day working from Weds. until Friday and then Ryohei
and I will leave for Niigata on the evening on Saturday the 29th. After
5 days there we will finally be taking the train back together on
January 3rd, and the on the 4th Ryohei will register as a resident
of Kobe. His new school starts on the 7th (same day I go back to work)

Oh, I’ll be going to a AFWJ event on the 16th. I haven’t joined yet, but
I was invited by one of the members to attend the event as a guest. It
will be interesting to meet other people who have married a Japanese man
and stayed here. So far I haven’t met very many in real life context.
Many of the blogs I read are by people in the same situation and while
reading about peoples daily life is a facinating insight into their
world, it will be nice to freely chat and talk about problems and other
things that there are about settling down and starting a family so far
from home. I feel like I might be on the young side though, I’m 24,
which feels old to me, but is a far throw from people who’ve
lived here longer than I’ve been alive.

Lately I’ve had babies on the brain… Actually to be honest, I can’t see being
ready stability wise until about this time next year at the earliest. (It
all depends on whether Ryohei passes his test or not.) After he does
and has a stable job lined up we can seriously consider our options in
welcoming a new member to our family.

So thats pretty much it. Like always it seems like I’m just waiting,
waiting, waiting. I hope that in a month from now when I can finally be
with Ryohei I can relax a bit more. In the last 2,3 months between the planning last weeks big
event, studying for the exam, and trying to get all the preperations
for Ryohei to move here, I have been so stressed and cranky. And I just feel porky in general.
Actually Starbucks isn’t really helping with that issue. The
gingerbread lattes are just too hard to resist. Help!! I need to cut
back to only 2 a week. At this point I think I’ve had about 5 in the
past week >_< gah..

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