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Same old really..

Posted on: December 18, 2007

The holidays always seem to get so busy.. I’ve had another “bad” week
and a half without blogging! Bad bad bad! But I’ve actually been in
Shiga prefecture the last week for a work conference on translation and
interpretation.. although to be honest it really was ALL interpretation
ALL the time. I’ve realized that I don’t really like it.. although I
think that maybe be more because of how completely nervous that I get
when I’m put on the spot like that.

I can (and do) translate for a lot of friends or my family who can’t
speak Japanese and thats fine, I guess because its a casual situation
and I feel more in control, and of course, because its not like I’m
getting paid for it, so if I make a mistake or two its not the end of
the world. However, if its a work thing, I get so nervous because mostly
its just important business “higher ups” or government members and
well.. I know they’ve worked with pros etc. Maybe its just a low
confidence thing, but I’m actually relatively shy around new people, so
until I feel comfortable with someone its hard to really do it well. But
thats ok, I really like translation and hope that I can contiune to do
it even after my contract with this job is over.

So anyways like I said, I was in Shiga all last week! Sadly, I caught I
cold, which may have been another reason why it seemed so daunting, I
can barely think in English let alone in Japanese with my head all
stuffed with stuffiness. Which is now making its way out.. which isn’t
fun either. I hate having a runny nose.. the sound of blowing, the well
you know.. snot.. the burny red nose.. just not fun. But I’m praying
that it will be gone by this weekend!

Speaking of, I’m going to Tokyo in 3 days!!! This is my last “real
visit” to Tokyo for the foreseeable future. Since Ryohei will be moving
here at the end of the month I don’t really have as much as reason to go
anymore.. although that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to in the future! I
have quite a few friends in the Tokyo area from study abroad etc. But
once again I’ve diverged.

Anyways Ryohei is finallllllllly moving out. In fact this weekend is not
going to be much of a pleasure trip as much as packing up his stuff and
sending 1/3 to my house, 1/3 to his parents house, and 1/3 to the
recycle shop and or trash disposal facility. Its going to be a “fun”
weekend. He finally got all the details with his work figured out and
his last day will be the 28th although he did give in and is taking a
day off his last week to change his address with the post, do more
moving etc. (thank God)

For me, all I have to do is wait until Friday and then catch the bus out
to Tokyo. I’ll be flying back Christmas morning though. Three day
weekends go so fast too. But then again, next next Friday I’ll be going
out to Tokyo one last time and only staying for about 5 or 6 hours
before taking the bus to Ryohei’s parents house in Niigata. (Too many

I’m also thinking about getting a DS Lite game system as my own
Christmas present. I have an older DS from my ex but its about 3 years
old and recently it got a little damaged so now the upper half isn’t
fully attached and kind of slides about a bit. Its also quite clunky and
big.. however it still works so I figure I’ll just give it to Ryohei and
get a new one for myself since I use it more, particularly for studying
kanji. Its kinda nice to be able to buy myself a present since I’m
usually pretty strict about all the money I spend. I guess the Christmas
season is a good a reason as any to splurge!

Gah.. this diary is so boring.
Most of the other blogs I read are so interesting and my life seems so
bland in comparison. But, at this point, things don’t really seem like
they will get more exciting for a while. Of course, once Ryohei moves in
I’ll get to see him, so maybe I’ll have some wacky kokusai renai stories
to tell. Living alone is so so so boring. I really can not wait to have
someone at home to talk with instead of my good friend the internet


6 Responses to "Same old really.."

New DS lite? Sounds nice. What color are you thinking of treating yourself too? I am lusting after a dark wine red. . . . presently I share the DS Lite with my two daughters. So when they are not fighting each other over it I am pulling rank, “MOMMY gets the DS Lite now!” I use it to study kanji too! Although sadly. . . I’m still working away on the ninensei level kanji. Damn it. My fourth grade daughter can now read more kanji than I can.

Laura (CCG)
p.s. didn’t mind your last comment on my blog at all! Happy that you and Sarah will be able to comment without identity confusion!

Woohoo, Sarah, I think a DS lite sounds awesome! You should totally get one.: ) My oldest son has both. He has a DS (a light blue one) and a DS lite, (which I won in a contest, lol) a white colored one, I think it’s called pearl.

The Lite is smaller and lighter then the regular DS, as I am sure you already know. : ) Also, the battery life of the DS lite stays charged longer then the regular DS. Because we have fully charged both and taken both on an airplane to Oregon and the battery pooped out, on the original DS, before the DS lite. So the DS lites are really nice!

I don’t use ours for study like you mentioned you do Sarah. I play the games. I’ve got some crazy mad skills on the Mario Carts game. LOL. : D I also am quite good at the Spongebob games and the other Super Mario games. We also have a Scooby Doo game, that I really like too. Heck, we have a whole bunch of games,I guess, hmm. : ) I also have the old school, Pac Man game for DS. That keeps me really occupied sometimes. Ha ha ha. Since you have a DS already you, no doubt love them. As do I. : )

Now look, I blabbered on about DS lite, far too much, forgive me. Wink! : )You brought up a fabulous topic though, I couldn’t help myself. he he. Have a good night! And Happy Holidays to you and to Ryohei! : )

PS, you mentioned dunking your fries in your shake on my blog the other day. I will have to give that a try next time! he he he.Goodnight! : )

Buying yourself a DS lite sounds like a fantastic christmas present! Naoki and I both have one, and we spend time together playing games – nerdy I know but still!

I have a light blue one and Naoki has a black, and between the two of us we have about 8 games… the most popular being super mario and 英語漬け!

by the way, I had no idea you lived in Kobe!!! If I knew that I would have tried to meet up with you!!

All –

Yes I finally caved and bought a Metallic Rose DS!
I also picked up the Taiko no Tatsujin Video game based on the Taiko drum game you see in the arcades, it is so fun and addictive!!!

Thanks for the advice haha..
no big purchases for me for a while, but I’ll make sure to enjoy this one!!!

Sara, you are making me wanna go and buy the taiko drum game now!!! Ha ha ha, seriously that game sounds really cool! : )

I picked up the taiko game for myself for Christmas just yesterday. I haven’t played it yet, but that is just because my sin has been playing his new Thomas game all day long.

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