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Dear Gathered Friends

Posted on: December 25, 2007

Here lies Long Distance Relationship

He was with us for a relatively short time, but it seemed like forever.

Because of him, there was much money funneled into Japans
transportations system.

To be specific..

13 one way plane tickets

13 one way bus tickets

(7 overnight, 6 afternoon)

for a total of 13 trips using a different mix of one or both types of
transport each time

There was also heavy contributions to the communications system.. I
don’t even want to think about my phone bills.

Long Distance Relationships exsistance was brief, but troublesome. He
cause several fights and some hurt feelings, and was never apologetic or
forgiving. However Long Distance Relationship did help to show some that
trivial things and fights could be over come. And that ability to
compromise was strong and, perhaps help people to realize how important
it was to have eachother in their life.

Long Distance Relationship, is now gone, but he will not be forgotten.He
will be remembered when I am annoyed over little, trivial things that I
know will come. He will be remembered when I can go to sleep next to the
person I love every night as opposed to 1 weekend a month. He will be
remembered when I have to pick up dirty clothes, tissues etc.

I can’t say that I liked Long Distance Relationship, but I will admit
that because of him, I may have a better marriage in the future.

With these words..

Rest in Peace

3/21/07 – 12/28/07


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Oh Sarah, that’s great!! I’m so happy for you!! a tiny little bit jealous too… we still have another 6 months until we are “officially” can live together!!

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