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Posted on: December 28, 2007

I was asked to do this crazy 8 survey by Mont-chan! So I will oblige her

8 Things I’m Passionate About:

1. Ryohei – Im planning to marry the guy and have his babies.. enough
2. Japanese Study – I am a benkyo nazi.. I guess it comes from having
way more free time than I could ever wish for. But I try to study kanji
or vocab or something every day. I don’t always see results, but I like
to tell myself I’m being productive.
3. Those Sweets that only come out for certain seasons. I must try them
4. Sleep
5. Finding good deals on cute clothes. I like to shop at stores like Gap
etc here but I can’t afford a lot of the stuff right away. I like to
think I look good in last seasons fashions for 50-70% off. Haha..
6. Cats! I want a Ragdoll kitty..
7. TV series – I get addicted and must watch them all.. currently I love
Greys Anatomy, CSI, Private Practice, and Americas Next Top Model. I
used to be into Friends, Ally McBeal, Charmed. House.. etc
8. Bargins in general..

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Be on TV
2. Own a Ragdoll cat
3. Have 2-3 babies
4. Get my drivers licence.. (thats gonna be real fun in Japan)
5. Cook gourmet food
6. Translate a novel or video game
7. Travel around Europe
8. Maybe learn another language

8 Things I Say Often:
(Most of these will be Japanese .. .sorry 😦 )

1. Nannnni?!?! (pretend Angry)
2. Interesting… (when pondering something)
3. Urusai Boke (also to Ryohei,, but I don’t think I’ve meant it)
4. Thats not cool.
5. Im hungrrrry.
6. Taihen da!
7. Really?
8. Nani shiten no??

8 Books I’ve Read Or Am Reading Now:

1. “Harry Potter x 7”
2. “Davinchi Code”
3. “Nanny Diaries”
4. “In Company of the Courtesian”
5. “Like Water for Chocolate”
6. “The Kite Runner”
7. “Les Miserables”
8. “The Other Boyelin Girl”

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over And Over:
(again lots of Japanese and tinybopper pop)

1. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawarence – Ryuuichi Sakamoto
2. More Than This – Vanessa Carlton
3. tonight, tonight – Smashing Pumpkins
4. Isshin Denshin Shiyo – (dont remember the name)
5. Only Time – Enya
6. Mata Aimasho – Seamo
7. Lady in Red – Chris DeBurg
8. Take on Me – Aha

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends:

1. “Realness”
2. Patience
3. A good sense of humor
4. Optomism
5. Selflessness
6. Flexibility
7. Intelligence
8. That something special!

My 8 that I am tagging.. gah I hate this.. umm so.. if you want to do
this please go ahead.

1. I
2. hate
3. making
4. people
5. feel
6. pressured
7. to
8. answer

(yes im weasling out sorry!!)

Theres only 7 catagories?! Well in that case.. I’ll tell you 8
interesting things about me! Since I’m sure you all want to hear it.

1. I have 8 distinct moles on my back in the shape of the big dipper. If
you ever meet me and want to see I will show you.
2. I dip my Mcfries in my McShake… and love it.
3. I have never had a celeb crush, I guess I knew it wouldn’t work out
4. I am not a morning person.. I am so so cranky in the morning and I
need to either eat something or have it be past 10am to become normal
cheerful me.
5. I have no real desire to plan a huge great wedding.. in fact.. I’m
actually a little shy and would rather not have one. (Well maybe a
party.. but not the whole walking down the aisle thing)
6. When I find a book, movie, or game I like.. I go crazy trying to
watch, read, play, any other item from that director/writer.. etc.
7. I used to heat my thermometer with a lamp bulb when I wanted to fake
a fever and get out of going to school in elementary school (silly mom
for leaving me alone in my room while i was taking it)
8. I am a really really really fast eater.


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I’m not drunk but somehow I read that you have 8 moles in the shape of a big diaper.

I really need some sleep. Quick!

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