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Posted on: December 28, 2007

I have had a horrible day.
I had no work so I was just browsing the net all day.. sounds great but gets old quick.
Ryohei was being a shit when I tried to talk to him at lunch. Apparently he stayed out all last night and then has another enkai tonight. So no use trying to bother with him.

I’m leaving for Tokyo in about 2 hours and I’ve been scrambling to pack. In my haste I knocked my hotplate board off of its resting spot breaking the handle for it.

This is my lovely 8000 yen one I just got about a month ago.
Its still under warrenty but since I was the one who broke it does that mean that I can’t get it replaced for free? Anyone have any experience with kinda stuff?

Its still usable.. but with just one handle its going to be really hard to take the plate off the burner until after its cooled down. I was hoping this would last me and Ryohei many years, and it pisses me off to know that now its value is really decreased. I have no idea how much getting am extra plate would cost.

Damn it!!!
I hate hate hate breaking stuff. Espicially new nice stuff. Im just glad that 2007 is going to be done in just a couple days.

Agggg sooo angry.


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take it in and smile A LOT. They might just replace it on the idea that “it broke far too easily.”


Happy New Year Sara! Sorry to hear about your broken handle, hope it gets fixed for free! I’m crossing my fingers for you about that. Ha ha ha. That really is a bummer. : )

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