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Posted on: January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!
Once again after a short break I am back, and perhaps better than ever! Although that reminds to be seen. Ryohei and I are finally all moved into my “cozy” (read cluttered) one room apartment. With a broken
heater, but a fully working kotatsu! We just got back from a visit with okasan and otosan in Niigata. It was a pretty good week! Of course we had the whole, “sleeping in seperate rooms” but I was kind of expecting that.. of course it was cold, and I really don’t like sleeping alone in a strange place so after 2-3 days of being polite we just started sleeping in his room together and everything was ok. (I Hope..) They had me sleeping in the room with the family altar which was a little bit creepy. Also since I was the only one on the first floor it was cold cold cold. But yes thats Niigata. It started snowing the day
after we got there and continued for 4 days or so coating the scenery around us in white goodness. It was so pretty and nice to lazily flop under the kotatsu with some apples and crackers and watch the snow fall.

For New Years Day we went to Ryoheis Aunts house where Grandma lives. His Grandma like.. loves me… she gave me a
big hug and kept saying Sara ga Daisuki! (I love Sara) I think that maybe she was a little drunk?? I have never been hugged by a Japanese person that was under 25 years old either so it was a little ackward, but I smiled and hugged back. I think that actually the relative Ryohei loves the most is his grandma since him mom worked when he was born and she was pretty much the one who raised him for his first 2-3 years. Actually she refers to him as the kid that she raised. So, I think that fact that she is so “enamored” with me makes him happy.

Anyways, we did Hatsumode at the Shrine near his house which was fun. Its just a tiny shrine for his neighborhood so it wasnt too crowded. Just perfect! After that we went to see his friend from elementary school who ended up having a “deki-kon”and now has a 4 month old boy. Gah.. he was so cute!! Ryohei kept playing with him and hugging him and even kissed him. And I was just sitting there praying not to let the instincts to jump him and make our own baby right there overflow me.

So moving in was not soo bad! Ryohei sent me wayyyy more stuff than he needed to, but weve managed to pretty much make it all fit one way or another. He also started his school yesterday and will be studying like a crazy person for the next 6-7 months until his test. As for me, its same old really. Go to work, come home, make dinner, watch tv etc.. but just having him be there is such a comforting presence! Of course its only the first week so we’ll see how things are going in a month or two.
Both of us are more lovers than fighters so hopefully it will be smooth sailing.

For now I’m feeling happy and content and now going home to make yakisoba (on my handleless hot plate which i need to bring in sometime soon ;_;)


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Happy New Year! I hope you have a fantastic 2008! It is set to be a pretty big one for you!

Your new year sounded nice! Mine was fairly quiet…I am a little sad I wasn’t in Japan for it. Especially since I won’t be in Japan for the next one either. Oh well! I am sure Shumpei and I will head to the shrine this weekend so that I can get in my NY wishes!

Take care, glad that you and Ryohei are settling into your little place together.

Happy New Year! Hope your first year of living together is awesome. 🙂

Happy New Year!! I hope that finally living with Ryohei is everything and more that you dreamt it would be!!

I’m glad that Ryohei family has taken so well to you, it definitely makes it easier!! I have had one hell of a fight to get Naoki’s mother to like me… and I think we have finally made some sort of “good” relationship!!

When are you guys looking at registering your marriage? You sure your not going to have a ceromony or even a little party???

Happy New Year! I hope you and Ryohei enjoy your first year of living together, this is going to be a good year for your guys, marriage and all. : )

That’s a good sign that you and your future inlaws get along so well. Especially the grandma.

I get along really well with my Dh’s family. My fil, is an angel. His grandma hugs me like Ryohei’s grams hugs you, I think. She’s a mad hugger, and I get a kick out of it.: ) His whole family is awesome, loving and caring and kind. I love them, they love me.

It’s just my MIL. I have had some mil issues. It’s tough, hard and sad, when family doesn’t get along. I always try though. We are polite and cordial though. I’m not Japanese so that’s my strike #1. And I took her son away, in her eyes, so that’s strike #2. Sigh. Oh well, what can I do? he, he.: )

Good luck on getting that handle fixed Sara, I was wondering how that went. : ) Happy New year again! : )

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