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in which i mess up

Posted on: January 9, 2008

Admittedly this has not been the best week. Most of my weeks are not
classified as good or bad. But this one definetly falls into the bad
catagory. In particular my ningen kankei is not so great at this point.

So.. I think I messed up at work today. Since my work pays for some of my housing and now that Ryohei had moved in with me, I thought it would only be right to bring him to my office to at least introduce him to my supervisor. Anyways, my office is very laidback and relaxed so I thought it would not be a problem.

He was actually a little reluctant when I asked him to come in, saying,
“Shouldn’t you give them a heads up…” but of course I was like “no no
just come in, it’ll be fine”

But no, it was ackward.. because apparently not everyone knows I’m
getting married.. and then Ryohei was all Japanese and like standing
back and being all I dunno “Japanese polite” and then my coworkers did
the whole “standing in front of their chairs”, I just wanted to
introduce him to my supervisor, but instead the whole thing just felt
uncomfortable and weird.

I’m sure if I had a brought an American boyfriend it would have been
very different. I guess I should have known better, and now I feel
embarrassed at myself and I feel bad for Ryohei, he probably felt really
ackward as well.

For all my self-percieved cultural awareness I still have a long way to
go in understand the Japanese way. I’m feeling pretty embarrased and that I chotto shiturei shimashita.


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Don’t feel so bad. We all make mistakes even those of us who have been here longer than you have. Personally, I have a list about a half a mile long. The best that you can do is just learn from it and move on. Hugs!!

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