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Another Day

Posted on: January 18, 2008

Well, I guess its true what they say about time flying when you are

having fun. Its been two weeks since Ryohei and I moved in together, at

first it was so weird having him around all the time, but slowly our

schedule has changed to fit eachother and its been so good having him



Of course, he isn’t around that much, but hes usually home for dinner

every day except Wednesdays and Fridays. He does go to school from 12-7

on Saturday which is a little bit lonely, but during that its good for

me to get out and see my few friends who live in the area. I actually

have quite a schedule.


Wednesday I usually go see Mandy and baby Toshi and the Friday I either

go to my beloved Starbucks for coffee or relax at home if I need the

alone time.

Ryoheis studying has been going alright. Hes only been doing it about

two weeks but he seems very into it and I think it been going well.

We’ll often sit under the kotatsu with me reading up on Japanse Civil

Law or the Constitution while I surf the web or play Kanji learning

software on my DS Lite. (addiction… I have gotten way too many games

lately) Anyways, sometimes he’ll just chuckle and go “wakatta wakatta!”

its very cute. I love him!!


So far no big issues with living together, he’s so helpful around the

house and always will do the dishes when I’ve made dinner, and he will

do laundry and general tidying up on his own. I should probably learn

from him 🙂 Actually for me, having someone around is so nice. I just

get so lazy on my own and would much rather sit in front of the tv or

curl up with a good book in bed than vacuum or cook a meal. Actually

I’ve been cooking dinner and bring a leftover bento with me to work

almost every day since he got here! Yay! Not only is this helping to

save money, but its more healthy and I think I’m weak to the

“ummmmmaiiiii” that Ryohei (usually) gives me after I serve him dinner.

It makes me happy to have a little family..


Speaking of family, we still haven’t decided exactly when we are signing

the paperwork to get married. It doesn’t take too long to get it done,

but Ryohei has to get his family register sent down, I have to go to the

consulate in Osaka to get a marriage eligibilty paper etc… So, we do

need to sit down and discuss it. Maybe this weekend.. we honestly don’t

get too much time to talk during any day except for Sunday since Ryohei

has his nose in the books as soon as dinner is finished. Not that I’m

complaining, I want him to be able to pass his test in June! The sooner

he gets situated the sooner we can get settled.


I know that he misses Niigata a lot, and to an extext I do as well. I

really like his family and the non city feel of the place. I do know

that when I do move that I will really miss the friends that I have in

the Kobe-Osaka area. At this point I really only have 2 close friends

whom I know will be around, (most of my other friends are all JET

teachers who will be leaving before the end of the summer). I know I

will miss my friends here a lot, but I don’t see myself living in the

Kansai area for more than another year and a half to two years.


Ryohei and I have talked a bit lately about when we want to start

planning to have children. Both of us really want to be parents and we

want to have 3 children preferably before we are out of our early 30s (both of

us had older parents mid to upper 30s and would prefer to have at least

two of our children in our mid-late twenties) Once Ryohei gets his job

situation figured out we can discuss a more specific time but assuming 

that Ryohei passes his test and gets his job this year

we’d probably start trying for a baby born in late ’09 to early ’10. My

contract at work is until summer of ’09 so things should work out pretty

well on that end as well. Anyways.. I like to be somewhat planned ahead.

But honestly we won’t really know anything until about August/September

of this year. And if we have to wait a little longer thats ok too 😉


I like planning, as you may be able to tell be just reading this

journal! But for now theres nothing really to plan.. I have work, go

home, make dinner, and relax. After 9 months of the waiting lifestyle

its been a little difficult to change back to plan everyday events. But

in a good way.


I’m happy to have my Ryohei with me! And I am loving my daily bedtime

and wake up cuddles. Although not so enjoying him stealing all 3 (!!)

blankets to his side of the bed last night! Grr!


Anyways next time I’ll do a post reviewing the DS games I’ve gotten

recently! I figure that maybe there are some readers who might be

interested in improving their Japanese reading/writting.. espicially

with the talk of the proficiency test for long term residents being

discussed! (but opinions on that are for yet another post…)


3 Responses to "Another Day"

Hi Sara!

Awesome that you and Ryohei are finally living together, and enjoying it.

The kids will come in their time. Enjoy the time you have with Ryohei for now. I adore my little baby but I got pregnant very soon after our wedding, and I sometimes wish we’d had a bit more “us” time before jumping right into parenthood. Your timeframe sounds just right!


I am glad that living together is going well for you!!!!! When Shun and I first started living together it took us a month or so to get into a routine that suited us. It sound sas if we have a similar routine to you and Ryohei-san….I cook and Shun cleans the plates…although we both clean the apartment on the weekend!

I can understand what you mean about wanting children…lately I have been thinking about this a lot. Shumpei and I have lived together for almost 2 years now although we are not engaged. I think we will probably get enaged this year and married in 2009 although we haven`t really made any definite plans yet. So if we got married I think we would probably have children soon after…although money is a bit of a concern. Do you know what it costs to raise a child here in japan It is crazy?!?!?!

Its funny though, I never thought I would want to be a young mother!

Hi Sara,

I know just how good a good morning cuddle feels – especially when you haven’t been able to do it all the time!!

Isn’t it funny how you, me and Lulu all have the same cooking/ washing up routine?? lol…

It sounds like you and I may be getting pregnant around the same time!! That would be really cool… We will be able to use each other for support!!

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