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belated happy 2008

Posted on: January 21, 2008

Well this may be a little late but its still January so I think it still


I don’t really have resolutions as much as things that I want to do by

the end of this year.


Major items within the next year (2008)


Pay off all of my student loans

Get married (on paper)

Visit my family in America in March

Go with Ryohei to America and have a small marriage celebration with my

family and close friends around Chrismas time


I really feel like that year is a shift in to “adult” responsible life.

I think that I’ve always been a really independent individual, having

moved out at age 17 doing college 6000 miles away, finding a job, and

moving to Japan. But I have always felt a little bit like I was just

going with the flow and not really doing anything for me. I think that

this year when I plan to get married, get our of debt,  turn 25, and

start planning for the future is a big step for me. Last year was

difficult.. not only did I have a new job and a big move, but I had a

long distance relationship as well as the gathering realization that I

was “different” from most of my friends, and that I wouldn’t be going

home in a year or two like I thought I was.


However I am thankful because I met a couple people who I consider true

friends last year, and I hope to meet many more. I didn’t meet Ryohei

last year, but I feel it was a very important year for our realtionship

as there were so many twists and turns and ups and downs. But in the

end, I think both of us agree that the way its ended up now has been the

best of all. I think for me last year was really the hardest year I

could have really imagined, but I’m sure that for Ryohei this will be

the hardest year, so I hope that I can support him and that this time

next year we are celebrating and planning for our new life in Niigata.


Cheers to all those for 2008.



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Happy New year to you too,: ) and I think those are some mighty fine resolutions you have!I think, this is going to be an excellent year for you Sara.: )

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