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i have too much time at work

Posted on: January 29, 2008

I am starting to get bad about keeping up with my posting! But the thing

is I write a lot of posts during my day at work, but since my work has a

firewall I can't sign-in to post on blogger. I have to email the blogs

to myself and at the end of the day I re-read them and think they

are too silly or innane to post or I just am too lazy to do it!

to make matters worse, I've had a monster Japanese cold which took a

packet of medicine and about 2 boxes of tissues to finally beat down. I hate being sick! I

have such a hard time concentrating on work and just my luck I had two

huge translation projects come in right in the middle of the heat of

battle with my cold last week. However I feel good now! Nice and



So on the living situation, things are going ok. We had a "fight" I

guess you would call it the other day, although I think it mostly

stemmed from Ryohei taking his stress and frustration out on me. He also

told me that sometimes he wishes that he had more alone time. And, I

understand! We live in a one room apartment and he always gets home from

school after me, so pretty much he has no time to lounge around and be

by himself. I get a little bit of alone time for an hour or two before

he comes home from work so I'm ok. But, I think he was just afraid to

tell me that he wanted alone time because he thought I would get

insulted or mad, but I understand! You can be crazy in love but that

still doesn't mean you have to be attached all the time. Unfortunately

the living situation is not going to change, I do have a very big genkan

area where he has a desk set up but it is too cold to go out there right

now and I don't have any space heaters just a kotatsu which we huddle

under. Its either under the kotatsu or in bed.. but thus is winter in



I can't wait until we move into a place that feels like "ours"

preferably a newer place. At this point, my "home" is a place that is

leased through my work, they pay half my rent, which is great! But its

so old, and all my predecessors have lived in it making it a haven of

junk which is starting to fall apart after probably 10-15 years of use.

The one room space was fine when it was just me, but for two

people its a bit rough. Even in the best case scenerio we will still be

living there together for about another year.

Actually I feel bad for poor Ryohei, I know he is feeling a lot of

pressure to pass his test. He sees all his friends who are graduating

this year, or are successful with the job they picked straight out of

college and feels like a failure. More than anything I know that he

wants to get hired, find a new bigger place and then start a family. I'm

actually really surprised on the last one, as he like me, is only 24 but

already talking about having kids and telling me that as soon as he

knows he has a job placement he would be ok with starting to try (but we

wont since that would interfer with me finishing MY job contract)

Actually I was watching the clip that Illahee put of her baby son on her

blog and he came in and was like "Kawaii!! I want us to have one too!

But to be able to support you I have to pass the test! I have to study

now!!" And then was crazy studying for like 3 hours.. (thanks Illahee for the somewhat random

encouragement to him hehe)


Well in other news, 1 more month until I hand in our paperwork! Ryohei

and I have talked about it a lot, and finally figured that leap year day is

the day we want to have it done officially. For several reasons..


1. we like having a special day for our anniversary, since it 

only comes every 4 years we can plan to do something special like a trip

abroad or a stay at a really nice ryokan for a couple days. of course we

plan to have a small yearly celebration/nice dinner on the day that we became a couple

(October 28th.) ryohei jokes that when hes asked when his wedding anniversary is

he can say "oh.. not for another 2 more years!" or something like that


2. The 29th is Taian or the most lucky day of the week for a marriage. I

guess theres a Japanese system where every week has a corresponding

lucky or unlucky day on it depending on the event., for example one day,

tomobiki (pulling a friend) should never be used for funeral as it means

the dead will be pulling his friends to the grave with him etc etc..

Anyways neither Ryohei or I are too superstitious but if there is some

truth to it then I'll gladly accept the Taian good luck.


3. Well.. this really isn't a great one, but once we get married Ryohei

can get on my insurance which would be good.. I'm not sure what he's

doing for insurance at this point. Hoping nothing bad happens to him within

the next month...


4. We want to start getting everything for my change from work -> spouse

visa started asap. One reasonfor this is that Kobe has an immigration

bureau nearby to both my work and his school which makes it so convient for

picking up visas, going in for interviews etc. We are hoping to go in

and apply for the visa when I get back from my trip to America in March.

Ryohei will *knock on wood* be going to Niigata next April so if we have

to reapply for a renewal he would have to come all the way back to Kobe

on a work day which would be so inconvient for both of us. So we hope

that by getting a Visa that will expire probably around the end of next

March we can reapply before he leaves and hopefully get a 3 year visa

the second time around. 


6 Responses to "i have too much time at work"

Hey Sara,
Great to see you blogging again…It must be so exciting to be getting all the papers ready to hand in!!! I wrote a post on weddings and marriage today inspired by you and Nay!

I am sending good study vibes to Ryohei by the way! Tell him that I did by best studying in cafe`s drinking coffee with my ipod on! Maybe he could try that?!!

On a side note, I could not read all of your post…maybe because you cut and paste it in from typing it somewhere else which made the formatting go a little haywire…Not sure if this is just me though! Did anybody else have any problems????

hey! I’m having a lot of editing problems this time… hopefully things should be ok now..

Thanks Lulu I’ll pass your advice on to Ryohei! Hes right here next to me studying.. seems like its going pretty well tonight!

how long have you been in japan? just wondering why you’re not applying for a 3 year (spouse) visa.

Illahee – Is it possible to get a 3 year your first time around? I didn’t think it was possible 😦

I’ve been working here since 8/06.. so about a year and a half.. I’m not sure if that has enough weight to it..? What do you think?

Yay, glad I could read all the post now!!!

Oh god, I totally understand about one room living. Especially sine humpei and I did it for over a year (and it almost killed me, while he would still be happy to live in a small place) I had a lot of time to myself. But if Shun came home from work late he would need a couple of hours to wind down while I would prefer to sleep and in a one room that would mean while I was sleeping lights were one and he would be playing games, reading manga or on the internet….

Maybe try to make one night a week his night in…..maybe come home later after him or stay at a friends. That way he could have some time to himself and you could have some time away from him…..even if you don`t feel you need it I am sure it would be good for you both!!!

Thanks for the comments on my post…..

ps: How long after you met Ryohei did you get engaged…..Shun and I are talking about filing the papers before we go to Australia also but I am not sure. I would rather get engaged and share it with people while he doesn`t want to here lots of people say ` dou atte puropozu shita?” Did ryohei propose to you?

Hey Sara!

Glad the living situation is working out for the most part. Try not to stress about the random fights, there will be plenty of them in married life, and most of them will be completely meaningless. I hear you on the small space. Wang Yao and I lived in a one bedroom apartment when we first got engaged, and it was definitely a bit tight for us. Now we have a two bedroom, but with the addition of the baby even that sometimes feels a bit cramped! Anyhow, you guys are doing great and for both of you being just 24 I think you’re head and shoulders above most folks your age.

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