Once Upon a Tanbo

Posted on: January 30, 2008

Just a quick pic to celebrate our 1x month anniversary ;P 


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How sweet! Nice to “see” you!!

Happy 1 month you guys! : )

Thanks!! Posting up picture is a little embarrasing, espicially of yourself!

When I have kids I’m sure this blog will be photo crazy.

Haha.. I guess it is our 1 month of living together! Of actually being a couple its somewhere in the high teens. 🙂

Happy one month living together!!! So cute! Hope the next month goes well too!

Shun and I have lived together for 20 months now….Crazy!

I’m sorry Sarah, I shoulda said, “happy 1 month of living together.” : ) I knew that, but failed to mention that, didn’t I? I’m sorry : ), I remember when he was living in Tokyo. And how happy you were, when you guys moved in a month ago. : )

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