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Relaxing Saturday Afternoon

Posted on: February 2, 2008

Its a relaxing Saturday afternoon.. the first one I’ve had in a while. I’m all by myself since Ryohei is  studying and then will be going out with some of his university friends tonight. I have plans a little bit later in the afternoon to see a friend, but mostly I have this day to myself. Its been about a month so Ryohei and I moved in together and so far there haven’t been too many times when both of us have been alone.

So what to do today.. I should probably clean. But at the moment I’m curled up under the kotatsu and not really willing to budge. Next weekend is a 3 day weekend and I am holding a house party with some of my coworkers, Ana, and my friend Mandy and her family. Should be an eclectic mix of people including a 3 month old baby, but I think it should be fun! I’ve been trying to introduce Ana to this guy, Mr. O at my work since I really think they would get along. We had a compa last month, which you can read about here. So this will be the second time they have met. The only thing I worry about is that my apartment is going to be too small.. and possibly too cold for so many people. Oh well.. 

Yah, so back to cleaning. Ryohei has “japanese boy syndrome” which means he tosses his trash, tissues, clothes etc on the floor. He will pick them up if I ask but I wish I could install this espically in the case of dirty tissues because that is the last thing I want to touch. I am not the most clean person ever but at least when I have trash I throw it into the can without being told. I’m calling this Japanese Boy Syndrome a little unfairly, because I am sure there are plenty if clean and garbage throwing away guys.. but mostly in my experience they seem to like to be picked up after. Sometimes Ryohei gets the whole “okaasan” thing with me. And unfortunately its true.. because sometimes I feel like I have to remind him to pick up, stop watching the tv and study, stop dawdling in front of the computer cause he will be late for class. The other day I said, “Ryohei!! Chikoku suru yo!!” (Ryohei! You’re going to be late!) in a tone that what make any mother proud. I didn’t even realize I had that tone in me.. haha I think both of us were a little surprised. 

Then again, I’m sure there are times when I am the immature one. I hate hate hate touching dirty things, like the sink drain, the bath drain, and the trash. So guess who gets to do that. haha.. I guess I can call it my revenge for picking up all his personal trash. Naw, but really I’m not complaing, I really love living together and the month has flown by. I think part of me is scared its just a dream and he’ll be returning to Tokyo any time.


On an amusing note, yesterday he told me he dozed off during studying (BAD) but he had a dream about him being in a tux and me being in a white wedding dress and he said that he work up and felt inspired to study more (aww.. i was so touched) He’s really a sweet guy. Also.. sometimes although he has never had any abroad experience besides having me as a girlfriend he’s got parts which I would say aren’t typical. For example, he kisses babies. My friend Mandy has a three month old boy, who Ryohei has only met 2 or 3 times but loves! For me, I don’t know how to really act when with other peoples babies.. of course I usually think they are adorable and want to hold them, play with them.. but I don’t want to do anything that would insult the mom. I guess since I don’t have my own kids I don’t know it feels to have other people, playing, holding them… but anyways, Ryohei kissed the baby the other day! I was so surprised, because even though I see Mandy and her baby pretty much every week I’ve never done something like that, and Ryohei has only met her 2 or 3 times… I was really surprised and I hoped that she wouldn’t be mad but she seemed fine.. I wonder if I’m going to be a possessive mother… Anyways besides that issue, I was surprised he kissed him, but thats not the first time. He also kissed his friends 4 month old baby when we were in Niigata.

I guess he just really loves babies?

Heres a picture with him and Toshi (Mandys baby) when we went out the other day. 

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I think Shumpei must have `Japanese boy syndrome` also! He is exactly the same! With his clothes (and ramen countainers on the sink…) I tell him to put stuff away all the time in an `okaasan` voice!

Your friend Mandy`s baby is adorable! The picture is so cute!

I have never seen Shun with a baby….only with toddlers when he has come to the kindergarten. I can tell you and Ryohei will make great parents one day!

Hey Lulu
Ahh.. another one with it! Yah, leaving stuff “on” the sink. I admit I don’t thouroughly wash every dish as soon as I’m finished but I’ll at least give it a rinse! He’ll leave glasses that still have milk, juice by the sink!! At least wash that stuff out before it dries! Ugg!!

Toshi is very cute!! Mandy is a good friend I’ve mine so I see her and the baby about once a week, so I feel like his proud Aunt or something! I hope Ryohei and I will be good parents! I think he’ll take to it better than me though! How is Shun with the toddlers, I think if guys like kids it usually isn’t confined to just one age group!

I’m sure you feel melty inside when you see it! I know I do!! 🙂

I have to say that Naoki doesn’t have the ‘Japanese boy syndrome’, he washing the dishes all the time, cleans the house, and is generally really clean…

But he does have the habit of losing thing all the time, and that’s when my ‘okaasan’ voice comes out!! lol

By the sounds of it, you and Ryohei are going be fantastic parents in the not so far future!!

Naoki is really looking forward to starting a family, but because he hasn’t had anything to do with babies before, he is a little bit scared with newborns – its kinda cute!! Though he is fabulous with my nephew and niece!! Oh, I’m feeling clucky!!! lol

I agree and think you will be a fantastic mom someday! And I think Ryohei will be a great dad, as well.

And PS, you mentioned disliking touching yucky stuff. I hate touching gross stuff, as well. Ha ha ha. At our old house, I hated pulling out the sink drain, same as you mentioned. I always asked my hubby to do that part. : )

You girls are all so sweet!!!
I hope that Ryohei and I will be good parents when we eventually have children!!

I’m sure I’ll be asking each and everyone of you for advice on that sooner or later!!

Nay – you are lucky you have a cleaner!!! hold on to him!! 🙂 i get the feeling we will probably become “mamas” around the same time. It will be nice to have someone to compare things with!

Gina – Haha!! Yah.. I just have a major aversion to icky things. I’m ok with most other chores though, and I give Ryohei massages when he does something good!! (its all part of the training process haha)

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