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What the heck?

Posted on: February 7, 2008

Ok.. so usually I have no issues with living in Japan. I like it here, its nice!
But this week I have lots of issues >_< And its not helping that you know decided to come yesterday and wake up at 3:30 am with lovely cramps. Add to the mix that I JUST started taking BCPs and you have a hormonal, crying, moody Sarah.

Anyways, as I maybe have said before, I took the JLPT (Japanese proficiency test) back in the beginning of December. The results were sent out from Tokyo this Monday and everyone that I know EXCEPT me has gotten their results back!! For the past two days I have literally RUN from the station to my mailbox only to have nothing! Actually, am a little worried because I haven’t received any mail for me in the past couple of weeks. Ryohei has gotten things in his name, but his mother sent him some papers about a week and a half ago in an envelope marked with my name and they still haven’t come, and now the test results haven’t come.. AND I’m waiting on something else by registered mail that was sent from Tokyo on Monday.

I checked the post office website and it said post from Tokyo should only take 2 days to get to my post number so now that it has been 4 without anything I’m starting to worry that I may have someone who is taking my mail.. or someone at the post office who doesn’t want to give it to me!!

My mail box doesn’t have a lock and the name plate has Ryoheis name and my name in both English and katakana spelling.. I’m starting to wonder if someone got interested in taking the foreigners’ mail..

Of course maybe I’m just over reacting and my post office is just slow.. at least regarding the JLPT, some of my JET friends who live in the neighborhood have gotten their results.. and I know we have the same post office. First Ryohei’s moms letter.. and now my test results.. maybe its a coincidence.. but I’m pretty annoyed with the whole thing. Ryohei is also pretty angry he said if at least my test results and the other thing I am waiting on in Tokyo don’t show up, that he is going to the post office Saturday to complain.. in the meantime I guess I have to buy a lock for my box.

I’m hoping I’m just over-reacting.. but it makes me feel so uncomfortable that someone maybe taking my mail just because I am a foreigner.. I have the name plate on the box so that they will properly deliver my JLPT results.. I may take it down after I get them.

Apparently I have to wait until Feb. 19th to make any inquiries, ridiculous!!! I’ve been waiting 2 months for my results.. I may just call and start crying on the phone until they tell me if I passed or not.

I just hope things are better tommorrow…


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do you think someone is taking the mail out of your box? personally, i would take my name off the box if i were you. in fact, i’ve never had my name on my mailbox. i think they put something on the JLPT about your name on your mailbox but i think that’s more for students who may be in a place where the names change frequently and confuses postmen/women. i have always received my results, and have never felt comfortable about having my name out there for just anyone to see.

i hope it’s nothing and your mail arrives soon!

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