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Not much to say..

Posted on: February 19, 2008

All is well!!
My supermarket was selling pineapples for 99 yen this evening so I bought one and split it with Ryohei! It was so yummy! I love pineapples, and since fruit is so expensive here we hardly get to eat it!

This week is really busy for me!
I had a tour group for some exchange students yesterday so I was out of the office all day! It wasn’t too bad except that one of the professors came up to me when I was speaking to one of my coworkers and told me that I shouldn’t be speaking Japanese because it would make the other exchange students who couldn’t speak Japanese feel bad.. (wtf?)

My supervisor overheard this and was pretty angry and told me to ignore him, and that he was the type of person who believed that foreigners shouldn’t or couldn’t speak fluent Japanese, and that he was a little odd. It didn’t bother me too much, but we have to see that group again next Wednesday… the guy just kept staring at me and listening in on my conversations.. it was so ackward.

Ryohei and I went to the aquarium on a date Saturday! It as pretty fun, they had a great dolphin show, made me a little nostalgic for Sea World back home.. oh well in exactly a month I’ll be back on American soil!! My first time in over a year and a half!! I’m so excited, I just wish Ryohei would have been able to come and meet my family.


In front of the main tank


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What an excellent deal on the pineapple, and total yumm! I love pineapple! : )

And I am also, quite fond of aquariums! he he! : ) The one you and Ryohei went to looks like fun! You guys are such a cute couple! : )

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