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We did it!!

Posted on: February 29, 2008

Wow.. it doesn’t seem real but Ryohei and made it official today!!
We handed in our papers at the ward office and are now man and wife.. it really hasn’t hit me at all.

Anyways it was a pretty short and easy experience, I’ll write about it when I have more time tommorrow.

We took some purikura to celebrate! Here are our fave shots!


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too cute!!

Congratulations!! I hope married life is everything you expected it to be. By the way, I love your purikura!! Very cute!

Congratulations!!! : )

Yaaay! Omedeto!

Yaaay! Omedeto!

Congratulations on your wedding! Good to know there are other foreign women finding some good Japanese men around here. 🙂 I just now saw your comment on my blog…unfortunately I didn`t pass 1 kyu (again), I`ll try again next time. Hope you had better results.

Your blog is great!
Take care-Paula

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