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In America

Posted on: March 22, 2008

Well, I just took two Tylenol PM so I’m praying that tonight I will be going to bed at a resonable hour. For some reason, I’m still on Japan time, thus I slept my normal schedule of 11pm to 6am… however translated into California time, that equals 7am – 2pm or so. Not very helpful for planning long day trips, such as the one I am making tommorrow to see some of my friends in the OC.

I got in on Weds. evening California time and have been having a pretty great vacation so far. Today we hit the mall and I must have spent about 500 dollars on various clothes mostly som springy/summery skirts, a few wrap tops, ballet neck tops, a pair of jeans, a pair of work pants, and some new bras at victorias secret. I still need shoes and underware and pajamas. I have a little more spending money so hopefully this can be accomplished.

I’m also buying food items, in particular Ryoheis beloved instant mashed potatoes and my beloved bagged cookie dough mix which i try to bake (with varying degrees of success) in my microwave oven.

I guess being in Japan so long I forgot about all the variety of things you can get here and its overwhelming to be faced with what deodarent or toothpaste or even cookie mix i want to bring home knowing it will be months before I can get a replacement.

Of course, I’m missing Ryohei a lot. This is the first time since we moved in together 3 months ago that we’ve spent this long apart. (I think I spent the night at Anas once after he came) so its been really lonely sleeping alone espicially in the spare rooms queen sized bed.

Of course my wonderful cat, Misty is here. She usually sleeps with my mom and stepdad but shes been coming in with me to sleep every night since I got here. In fact if I try to sleep alone shell come and scratch on the door until I open it up. But shes getting old anyways.. shes 13 now so I don’t know how much time we have left so I’m getting all the cuddles I can.

So do I miss Japan, well.. I guess yes I do. Ryohei and my apartment and job and life are all there. But given the convience and variety that America provides not to meantion being able to fit into clothes that are not the biggest size!!! (pleased to see that despite a little weight gain i’m still around the same size!! one not found in japan hahah) I missed clothes shopping ALOT. Its just not as fun when you know its not going to look really great on you.

I went to all my old favorite stores, Banana Republic, New York and Company, Express, Victoria’s Secret and my moms favorite Kohls (which is somewhat discount shopping but I got 4 tops and about 8 skirts plus a new wallet and some socks for less than 250 dollars so I’m happy!) I can’t wait to have new clothes for work!

Besides shopping I really haven’t done much but this weekend should be busy.. like I said I’m going up to the OC tommorrow to see some old friends from when I was back in high school! Sunday we are having a huge family Easter dinner here, Monday I’m going out with my Dad, and Tuesday is my last day to shop and pack before I head back to Japan Wednesday morning!!!

Anyways thats about it! I miss Ryohei soo much. I wish he was here with me. He still hasn’t met my family so it would be nice to introduce them. But yah I miss him! I got him a gorgeous blue cashmere sweater from Banana Republic (his favorite!) so I can’t wait to see his reaction!!


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HI Sarah! Glad to hear you arrived safely in America…I don`t think I knew that you were California?! Your trips home sound like mine (without the jetlag) with lots of shopping to buy clothes that fit and catching up with everyone!

Lucky for me though there is only an hour difference between Tokyo and Brisbane so flying goes ok!

You will be back pretty soon?!? I am sure Ryohei is missing you too!!! Take care, have fun and enjoy your holiday!

Your shopping sounds awesome! Have fun! I get what you mean. I am normal sized for an American (not obese, but not a twig either, so I always stock up when back home too). Enjoy your time there Sarah! : )

Your kitty sounds lovely. 13 years old, she’s been with you guys a nice long time. Totally enjoy the cuddles. Sounds like a lovely kitty cat! : )

I’m glad to hear your enjoying your time back in America. It’s so nice to be able to find clothes that actually fit, isn’t it!!

My cat only made it till 10 years old, but slept with me every single night of those 10 years (that I was home for anyway).

Wow, you are really making the best of your (short-ish) trip!! LOL! The shopping sounds fabulous!! Have fun!

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