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Update, brief it is…

Posted on: April 14, 2008

Ok… I know I have to post something, anything, so you all don’t think I’ve gone and gotten lost in the ‘Sea of Japan.’ Hahaa.. very punny Sarah.

Anyways, last week was CRAZY! I was so busy, I think I only had one proper night at home to relax after work. And I feel stressed and tired very easily, so when I woke up this morning feeling ill, I decided that instead of pushing myself and going to work it would be better just to take a sick day and just keep myself hydrated and relaxed for one day.

This week should be better, the only really appointment I have is with my friend Ana tomorrow night in Umeda. We’ve been good friends for over a year now and she’s going back to America to start a new life in Seattle from this Friday, so this will probably be the last time we see each other for a while. We have a hamburger joint, that we’ve gone to many many times since we became friends, actually we went there the first day we ever met, so we’ll be going there for a Last Supper of sorts.

Ryohei also has a friend from highschool coming to stay with us this weekend, lately I think he’s been depressed because he doesn’t have any of his friends close by, and the only one he really talks to is me, gasp, so he needs his male bonding. lol

Of course we only have a one room apartment which means that I won’t be able to escape from it! Ack. Well, I haven’t met this friend yet, but I’ve liked most of his friends so I don’t think that it should be a problem.

So, thats about it I guess! Not too exciting since last week I was so busy, but not with anything that would make great writing material.

I love my stationary bike by the way!! I still have to force myself to get on, but when I do I will go to the end of the course and I almost enjoy the hot red sweaty person I become. Anyways I am up to 15mins a go! Thank goodness… being wiped after 10 was just embarrasing, considering how athletic I used to be. Anyways my goal for next week is to be able to make it up to 20mins!


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I finished work on Friday so now am home for the next two weeks packing etc!! I have already done the closet…..cleaning it anyway (four garbage bags of stuff later….one for cat to look through, one for charity and two for garbage!) It was a bit job and took me over two hours!

I love been able to use the internet in the middle of the day!

I hope you are feeling better soon!!! You seem to have had a lot on with work lately! I hope things improve. Have fun with Ana!!

I hope you had a nice farewell dinner with Ana. We had my mum stay with us for 2 weeks in our 1K apartment. It was nice and squishy!! lol.

I hope this week is proving to be a little less stressful for you. When do your golden week holidays start? Apart from meeting Laura, do you guys have anything else planned?

Lulu – Good luck with packing!!!
throwing out thing is my absolute nightmare. I’m a pack rat!! I really really dread thinking about my move in a year and a half! Work is work right? I think this experience just let me know I don’t really want to work in an office, although I love translating!! What sort of work are you planning to find when you go home?

Nay –
Oh gosh! Yup thats what we have, a 1k! It can be so frustrating. So excited because the next one is going to be AT LEAST a 2LDK depending on what area we end up in!

Golden week is a little weird this year, there is a random Tuesday off and then Monday and Tuesday of the next week.. *sigh* doesn’t feel like much of a holiday at all.
Besides meeting up with Lulu, no plans really! But she’ll be here Friday – Monday morning so I think that will be great!!

Thanks for the comment. I just sent a little message on MIJ. I see that you are thinking about going to Tokyo for your DH’s testing. If you change your mind and visit Niigata instead, send me an email and we can meet up (I will be living close to Niigata station).

Hi Lily!

DH’s tests are in Tokyo (cause its cheaper..) I know we will be in Niigata to visit his parents for Obon though!!

They live in Minami Uonuma but I think we may go up to the city to check it out, so maybe during that time!! I will be in touch!!

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