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Being Supportive

Posted on: April 20, 2008

Ryohei had another practice test today which he didn’t do well on.
He seemed pretty confidant when he got out of it, but after marking his score he still wasn’t close to the 60% pass mark.

The test that he is mostly aiming for is about June 1st and then every following Sunday in June.

I wonder if this is not going to happen for him this year.
The fricken test is so hard, and then after that there is apparently the interview from hell. All in all theres only a 6% pass rate.

I don’t want Ryohei to have to go back to work for another soul sucking Japanese company, and he doesn’t want to work in America due to the fact that he couldn’t get a decent job with his skills and English.

I’m being supportive on the outside and I definitely can’t tell him how concerned I am on the inside.



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Hi Sara,
Your husband is blessed to have you. It is so true that behind every great man is a great(er!) woman. One day you will look back on this time and tell him how you really felt. In the meantime, keep cheering him on (and I read in the last post that you used to be a cheerleader so….!!! 🙂 ).
Take care.

I am sure that Ryohei thanks you for all the support you are giving him. I know it’s difficult, but you sound like you are doing an wonderful job in this situation. I, and all your other blogging friends, are here for you when you need to someone to talk. And remember, you can always message me, or send me a message through facebook.

Hang in there Sarah! You are doing the right thing by been supportive now even if you are worried on the inside!


Thanks all…
We actually had a talk last night and we’ve tried to com up with a few ways that we could work together to help him.

Of course, he wants to get up really early and I am not a morning person and when you live in a one room apartment that just spells trouble.

I know Ryohei appreciates it, but he can be very selfish sometimes…

but yah, continuing to ganbaru onwards.

I’m sorry things have been so stressful for you two recently! I am sure that Ryohei appreciates all your support, you’re a great wife to him. This will pass, and whatever the result, you will always have each other. Jobs come and go and I know that the employment culture in Japan is a lot different than it is in other countries, but I’m sure that there are still loads of options out there that might not be apparent now, but which will appear just when you need them.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you both just the same!

I agree, you are a wonderful wife! And very supportive! Even if you keep your worries to yourself or share them with us! I am hoping things go well for him with the test! You two are lucky to have one another! : )

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