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Happy Saturday!

Posted on: April 26, 2008

Today is a beautiful Saturday!!
So far its been a nice relaxing day. Got up around 7ish, watched some CSI, did my exercise bike for 25 mins (a new record!), and made brownies!!!! I brought some mixes and a brownie pan back from my trip to America but I wasn’t sure how well it would go in my convection oven, but I was able to make delicious brownies on the first go!! I only brought back 3 mixes so I was praying not to have one be wasted.

Now my apartment smells like warm gooey chocolate and its making me so happy!
Ryohei and I had one each, but we are going to try to ration them out for the next couple days (doubt that will work very well though)

Also! In other news, we have a guest! We discovered that a pigeon made a nest with 1 egg on our balcony! We noticed it at the beginning of the week and she has been there warming the egg everyday since. Ryohei and I have been trying to be careful when we hang laundry out as to not scare her as one time when I was hanging out towels, she flew off and scared the crap out of me!

I wonder if the egg will hatch and we’ll get to see her with the baby.

Tomorrow is the picnic, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now!! Ryohei doesn’t usually hang out with me and my friends so I’m excited to show him off! Hehe! Hopefully we’ll take some nice pics with everyone!!


3 Responses to "Happy Saturday!"

Yummm, brownies!!! : ) Enjoy the picnic tomorrow!!! Have a good weekend over there, you guys! : ) We’re relaxing over here too! : )

I love the smell of freshly baked cakes (and bread for that matter).But for some reason, I never bake chocolate cakes – I usually do carrot or banana cakes…maybe I am trying to trick myself into thinking that they are healthy, hehe??

Did you manage to ration out the brownies? I have a terrible habit of not being able to stop once I start, so I would have probably eaten all the brownies in one go. If you DID manage to ration them out, then a big “hooray” for your willpower (lol)

Gina – Thanks!! We had a great weekend! And yesterday (holiday) as well! I always love seeing your food creations!! They make my mouth water!

TJ-inJapan – Ohhh!! Well Ryo LOVES Chocolate so I I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of chocolate goods from here on out. He’s actually developing a bit of a pudge around his middle (its very cute) Banana and carrot cake sounds delicious! I might have to give those a try when I have some free time around the kitchen.

Well.. I must admit those brownies were gone in 48 hours. But I think being able to last that long was an accomplishment!!! Right, right?

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