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Wednesday Morning Blog

Posted on: May 14, 2008

Well, since the pigeons decided to wake me up 40 minutes earlier than my alarm I’ve had quite a bit of free time this morning, so I figured I’d try and get in a blog before I went off to work.

There hasn’t been much excitement the past week. I think the only thing of interest is that Ryohei and I went on a “date” on Sunday to a station a couple stops away and ate Mr. Donuts in the park. Yup, fun times!!

Ryohei will be taking the night bus to Tokyo on Friday night and won’t be back until Monday morning. So this weekend I’m pretty much all by myself. Except that I’m not, because I’ll be working overtime the whole weekend for a festival thats going on here where I have to do some translation and take around some guests coming in from Seattle. So I guess that will keep me occupied.

As it gets closer to summer, I realize that I am getting closer to the last year of my job. Which means I’ve finally started looking into (somewhat) things I’m considering doing afterwards. Its hard though, because I’m “not supposed to” take on extra work so its kind of a delicate balance of showing interest but not having to commit immediately. We’ll see how it goes.

Just another month or two of all this unknowing. Well, this time next month we’ll know if Ryohei passed the (1st) court exam or not. *keeping my fingers crossed*


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Mine are crossed too! Glad to hear about your cute date 🙂 I love dates like that.

I’m keepng my fingers crossed for you Sarah, from way over here in Chiba!: ) I hope he passes!!! Have a good weekend my friend, I know you’ll be working and all, but I wanted to wish ya a lovely weekend anyways! : )

Hang in there, as you say, there is only another month or so of wondering!! I really do hope that Ryohei passes his exam next month. I’ve got everything I can possible cross, crossed for you!

Your date sounds like lots of fun! Wish I could steal Naoki for the weekend occasionally and go on a date! 😛

Hi all!

Thanks so much for your (constant) encouragement and crossing fingers!! It crazy how fast the half year since we’ve moved in together has gone!!

I’ll update with Ryohei’s reactions to the test after the weekend!!

(sorry for the overall comment.. I’m pretty crazy at work trying to prepare for the festival this weekend)

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