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Productivity and Reproductivity

Posted on: May 17, 2008

On my break from work, here I am getting in a quick blog.

Ryohei left last night for Tokyo on the “night bus” apparently he’s at the huge festival at Asakusa right now. His first “real test” is tommorrow. Its not the main one though, that would be in two weeks from now if you can believe it! I can’t at all. Has it really been almost 6 months since we moved in together? Its gone by so quickly. And now with Ryohei’s tests finally coming up we’ll have some sort clarification as to what/where we will be after my contract ends next year.

Work has gotten busier. I should have known better to complain because last week I had assignments being handed to me from every different direction on top of the festival activities. I actually get to ride in a parade float tomorrow (はずかしい) I’m not really one for being in the spotlight so I’m more ambivalent about it than anything.

Being bored also inspired some more productivity. I’d been thinking about starting to get into freelance translation for a while now. I received a very long and helpful email from Kuri and feeling inspired by that took some steps to getting signed up with a couple translation agencies. I’ve already taken one “entrance test” which had good reception and am speaking with another about resume and portfolio, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction. Since I still have a full time job I’m not going full out with sending out resumes and trying to make contacts, but I wouldn’t mind taking the occasional job for some extra cash. Not sure if I’ll actually be getting any work from them right away but at least I’m doing something to head towards what I want to do when this job is over. It was nice to update my resume with “freelance translator” as of May 2008th. I also made a Japanese resume for the first time (that was interesting!) and updated my English resume as well. So I guess I’m trying to keep myself busy.

I’ve been pretty lonely recently. I haven’t really had any nonwork related social interaction since Lulu left. My best friend is back in America the last two weeks and well.. besides that I don’t really have any other friends here in Kobe. I have a couple friends in Osaka (the group that I wrote about a couple posts ago) but since everyone is busy with kids, and I’m busy with work we only get together about once a month. I think one of the reasons having kids seems so tempting is being BUSY ALL THE TIME would be such a nice change. Speaking of that… well, I don’t want to make too big of a fanfare about it but Ryohei and I finally decided when we will officially “stop protection/passively start trying for a baby.” So thats really exciting for both of us! We’ve both wanted a big family so we’ve decided its better to start now and 苦しむ for a couple years. So maybe within the next year or so I’ll have some exciting stuff to post about.


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First comes ラブラブ, then comes 入籍, then comes the 赤ちゃん in the ベービーカー!!

I loved India’s comment!! It made me laugh!

Naoki and I have also offically decided when we are going to stop protection, and fingers crossed that we won’t have to wait too long! We are planning on waiting 6 months after the wedding… so from march next year I will be going off the pill.

What have you guys decided on doing for your American wedding Party? Would love to hear all of the details!

i just got home from that big festival in asakusa! it was super crowded but the omikoshi and the atmosphere were awesome. hopefully ryohei could enjoy it a bit before his test.

and i look forward to baby news!! 🙂

India – Hahaha very cute!!! I guess you’ll be getting the final stage very soon!!!! *yay*

Nay – Ohhh… well if things go well for both of us, I’d say its HIGHLY likely we’ll have 同級生 babies!! It would be so nice to have a pregnancy buddy 🙂 *fingers crossed for both of us*

American Party is really not that big of a deal, nothing at all like a full out gorgeous wedding. I’m not expecting a lot my friends to fly out to Japan for our “official” wedding so we are going to have a catered dinner when Ryohei and I are back at Christmas.

Jo- Ohh.. yah I like matsuri but they make me feel really cramped!! By the way, I think I have a date when I’ll next be in Tokyo.. I need to reserve you for it!! I’ll facebook you!

Yohei and I love Kuri’s blog of her cute cute daughter. That’s exciting news about your reproductive plan. I remember when we came up with ours and how exciting it was to be actually “trying”. Course I didn’t expect results so quickly, but I think all the anticipation and visualizations helped. Enjoy each step 🙂

Yohei and I love Kuri’s blog of her cute cute daughter. That’s exciting news about your reproductive plan. I remember when we came up with ours and how exciting it was to be actually “trying”. Course I didn’t expect results so quickly, but I think all the anticipation and visualizations helped. Enjoy each step 🙂

I have always thought that getting pregnant while still on the JET scheme would have made things alot easier as you have so many great benefits. I obviously didn’t say that though!!! I am all in favour of waiting for a while and enjoying your newlywed time as I never got to do that BUT at the same time, we all have to make our own decisions/ life plan so good luck with it all and enjoy “trying”. Joey was a happy accident so I never got to do the trying stuff and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. i was very lucky though so am guessing it is a good thing!!

we got pregnant the 2nd month of trying. I so didn’t expect it to happen so fast (I usually err on the side of caution, and thought it would take at least 6months – 1 year of trying. hehe. what a surprise).

I think if you guys want kids, then go for it now, for sure. We too were not really in the most stable of situations (work wise) when I got pregnant, but it all works out. And yeh, I agree that it probably IS better to suffer the hard slog and 苦しむ a bit now. when they are babies, they really don’t need much (stuff I mean). Once they get to school etc, well, then I am assuming that there will be a lot more pull on the purse strings….

one last thing : folic acid.
I read somewhere that all women are supposed to take supplements, but especially if you are thinking of having a baby, then it is supposed to be good to take supplements at least 3 months before planned conception, as the folic acid is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. Of course, when I asked the doctors here in Japan about it, they said not necessary if you are eating a balanced (read Japanese??) diet. Needless to say, I took the supplements, hehe. You can buy it easily at drug stores here, (“yousan” 葉酸)

Christelle – Thanks!! It seems like theres so much to process in such a little time. I’ve started reading up on pregnancy etc etc.. but it still feels so far off! I’m sure I’ll be referencing your blog!

Midori – To be honest, part of me wouldn’t mind having a baby on JET, if things turns out as planned I’ll be pregnant for about half of my last year *cross fingers* I’ve only been a CIR for 1 year though at this point, so I kind of want to have the whole 2 years on my resume. I’ll also have to move around July of next year and I think I’d rather wait until after we are settled into our new place since I can’t see bring a baby to a dump of the apartment I’ve been given. I tend to think things happen for a reason so I’m sure that Joey was a good good thing for you.

TJ-injapan –
Thanks for the advice on the folic acid. I’ll have to go and pick some up at the drug store. It still feels like such a long time off, but it’s only about half a year. I’m going off birth control pills and I’ve heard it can take between a week to 6 months to become fertile again. So I wonder what it will be like for me. I’ve always had pretty regular cycles so we’ll see. I can see myself stressing out if its not working after a few months… so I hope for my sanity its a fairly smooth process!

Thanks for supporting my kurushimu theory. To be honest I never saw myself having children this early (I’ll hopefully be 26 when I have my first) but I think that being with Ryohei just makes me want to have a family, its such a new and strange feeling!

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