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When it rains it pours….

Posted on: May 24, 2008

Literally at this point!
Sounds like theres a down right typhoon going on right outside my window.

Usually I hate when it rains, but I guess since today was a lazy Saturday afternoon, it kind of fit well.

Once again, its been a little bit in between updates. It feels like time is really flying lately, and I’ve barely had enough time to sit down in front of my computer for some free time. The last week or so at work has been constant translations coming in. I think I’ve had about 10 or so come in the last week. I had a really nasty tax related one yesterday. Oh my gosh, I wanted to just run away and cry. If I ever want to do any sort of technical translation in the future I am really going to have to start studying more.

I guess translation has been my life lately. (At least I’m finding something to keep myself busy)
I think I must have just hit a plateau a couple weeks ago when I was feeling all down in the dumps and blue. Hopefully, I’m headed on an up for a little bit this time. I had mentioned last time that I was in the process of signing up for a translation agency. Well, I successfully passed their entrance test, so I am now in their database of freelance translators. I haven’t heard anything from them yet (its only been a few days) but I’ve heard that a lot of agencies hesitate to use new translators at first, so we’ll see if I end up getting a request from them anywhere down the line.

My most exciting prospect is still in the middle of unfolding. I really don’t want to talk about it too much yet, but if things work out like I hope they will I will be so so so happy and excited. I’ve been working on a project, and I haven’t felt as ‘alive’ and ‘inspired’ as I have the past couple days in as long as I can remember. There’s still a chance that things might not go well, so as much as I just want rant on and on and on about it, I really don’t want to make a fool out of myself if things fall through. I hardly ever let myself get really worked up about something, and if doesn’t happen.. I can see myself falling into a bit of a slump for a while.

So yup.. translation… thats about it for my life right now.

Oh, I did get to see my best Japanese friend for the first time in about 2 years last week! It was so great to see her again. She is a crazy girl! It was so great to see her again, its funny because we haven’t actually spent that much time together, but we’ve just hit off since we first met 5 years ago when she was studying abroad in Boston. At that time I could barely speak any Japanese, I remember her trying to teach me the difference between the words refridgerator and freezer. I’ll actually be staying at her house for a couple nights when Ryohei and I go to Tokyo together next month, yay!

Anyways off to bed for now! Hope all you out there in blogland are having a good weekend.


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Yay, glad to hear things are looking up! That’s amazing that your Japanese level got so high in five years. I’ve been here 12 years and only passed 2kyu and it took me like 8 years or so to do it!

hey sara! glad you’re feeling happy and fingers crossed for you on all projects, current and future. 😉

I hope that the project you are working on now will work out exactly how you want it too! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!

Wow, and like Christelle said, I can’t believe your Japanese has improved so much in 5 years!! That is such an achievement! What’s your secrets? lol

Talking about Japanese levels, I’m seeking your advice on something. You know how I successfully passed 3 kyuu last year, well this year Naoki really really really wants me to try for 2 kyuu… But I know 100% that I am going to fail. I not only don’t know half of the kanji, but my vocabulary is too small as well… But Naoki just wants me to give it a go, where I would prefer to wait till next year. What do you reckon, should I just have a go, knowing I’m going to fail, or wait till next year? I don’t think it will be possible for me to learn over 500 kanji in 6 months…

Christelle – I’m excited too!! Still don’t want to get too excited though! I’m sorry for being so secretive..

I’ve been pretty lucky with the whole language aquisition thing. My mom is also pretty good with picking up languages, she knows some German and Greek so maybe that helped as well with the genetics. I’m def. not completely fluent though. Actually my speaking could use some work… but for some reason I’m a very visual learner so kanji haven’t given me too much of a problem. I’m really happy to have this ability, but I think that everything is pretty balanced cause I’m sure lacking in a lot of other areas 😦

Jess – Nice to hear from you!!! How are you and the hubs and little D doing?? Hope you are all well!

Nay – Thanks!! I’ll update more on my “project” as I know more. Unfortunately there are other parties involved as well and I’m waiting to hear from them.. its killing me!

I wouldn’t force myself to take the test if I were you, but I think that you still have time to try and study if you want to go for it. The leap between 2kyu and 3kyu is pretty big. I had a friend who passed 3kyu two years ago and then tried 2kyu last year, she failed, but she did get about a 50% (passing is 60%) so she was very close. I think that its up to you and your comfort level, also you are planning a wedding and an iternational move so I’m not sure how much studying time you might have. I really think the key to passing is just study study study the test materials. Its time consuming and often frustrating but the feeling of passing 1 kyuu was soooooo good. And now its def. helping me on my… ahem… project.

Like I said I absolutely recommend 中級日本語漢字リレー by Tomoko Iwane as THE kanji book for studying for level 2. It helped me learn so much level 2 kanji and vocab. I don’t think its available out side of Japan so maybe you could have Naoki buy it and send it to you or get it when you come to Japan in.. (July?)

Hope this helps!! Good luck with which ever you choose!! I’d say you might want to get 2kyuu out of the way before the kids come tho! Can’t imagine you’d have time to study after that. But you aren’t planning to have them before Dec of 2009 anyways so I’d say you could take the test that year and be fine 🙂

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