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Sick Day plus more

Posted on: May 28, 2008

Tomorrow I woke up with a nasty sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, I was going to try and make it to work, but honestly I was just feeling too cruddy so I called my supervisor and took the day off.

I usually don’t go to the doctor, but sore throats are usually the lead in to nasty colds for me so I decided to go this time and get some medicine since Ryohei’s major test is this weekend and if he got sick right before it because of me I would be so mad at myself. (We’ve instituted a no kissing rule until my throat stops hurting *cry*)

Anyways the clinic was nice and they asked me all these questions about where I was from, why I was in Japan and if I could eat natto. (I can’t) Haha. It wasn’t too bad and I went early enough that I was only there for about 40 mins total. Sometimes its up to a 2 wait with all the “Jiis” and “Baas” that come in with their various aliments.

My “project” is progressing? Well kind of? I dunno I’m hoping to hear back by the end of the week. *sigh* Baby steps, I did hear back from one place but its hard for a new translator starting out to be given work. But – I’m pretty persistent!

The more I go into my office, the more I realize how much I’d love to just work at home on my schedule. I just like sticking around in PJs and drinking milk tea while I work on my computer. hehe.


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Hey Sara, thanks for all your advice about the Japanese proficiency test… Its something I’m going to think about, but I think I would rather give myself an extra year!

Anyway, thanks heaps for posting those songs! I love Japanese music, but I am always lost to know what to buy. Naoki’s not too much help in the music department! I think Frontier no Pioneer is very catchy!

So June 20th hey… big day for both me and Ryohei! Tell him to cross his fingers for me, and I’ll do the same for him!

I hope you feel better soon!

I don’t have the self-discipline to work from home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But if that’s what you really want to do, you’ll do it someday. I hope your feeling better soon. This weather (hot to cold, sunny to crappy) sure doesn’t help eh? And thanks so much for your nice compliment on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I also wanted to say thanks for passing the book along. Take care!

Nay – Good luck which ever you choose! If you have anymore questions you think I could help ask away ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you this month!

Christelle – I haven’t TRIED working from home yet, but I don’t really like working in an office setting… I just feel like I have free time which is pretty much wasted, at least if I was home maybe I would get around to cleaning, cooking.. something on my downtime (hah hah hah…)

Trisha – Yup!! Just passing it along!! It was a great read! Thanks so much for thinking of the “give-away” in the first place! Hope you have safe/stress free trip back!

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