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Rude Awakening

Posted on: July 7, 2008

Note to self: Dreaming that your husband misses his interview and waking up crying is not the best way to start a Monday morning.

(Not sure if I was crying more because I felt so bad for him or the concept of another year of at having to be the breadwinner)

I’ve always had “guilt” dreams… dreams where I forgot my homework or was late for school or missed work without calling in. I’ve NEVER had one featuring another person’s “miss.” I must really be feeling the pressure of all this… I want a stable life so badly. 😦

(Btw – Ryohei is up and at ’em… I called and made sure)


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Eww yuck, I know all about that kind of dream. I do hope you’ll be able to shake it off and go on to have a happy day without that shadow following you around all day.

You did the right thing calling Ryohei and now you can relax (har har) and wait to hear how he did!

Good luck to both of you – this has to be an extremely stressful time but I am sure you will end up in a good place at the end of all this.

Good luck today to Ryohei, tons of positive vibes and well wishes coming to him from us today! Fingers crossed and everything! : )

Oh I hate those kinds of dreams! I get the occasionly- especially when I was in Japan and I would wake up panicking that something had happened to my mum or dad!

It is almost over Sara-chan! How did Ryohei go? I was sending good vibes!

How did he go??? I have had everything crossed for you both!

Vicky – Thanks for your comment!! Yup he was already wide awake when I called!! But it did leave me with a little peace of mind!! Now just another 5 weeks til we find out the results!! I hate all this waiting for results! Japan seems to be pretty good at drawwwwwing out waits for all sorts of tests lol

Gina – Thank you!! Like I said before Tanabata!! Same as your little Noah!! Good things happen on this day 🙂

Lulu and Nay – Ok here’s what I’ve heard so far! Well hes not home yet so I don’t know the whole story but he seemed to think that it went pretty well. He said that there wasn’t anything that went too wrong but he said the person before him had an interview that lasted almost an hour and that his was only 30 mins. But I told him I think short is pretty good.. I think long interviews mean they are taking time to hear more from the interviewee but if its done in the normal or below normal time that means they got a pretty good idea of you quickly.

Anyways we’ll see in 5 weeks!! I pray pray pray it goes by quickly!!

Thanks all for your good vibes and well wishes!!

I feel for you guys, as Tom Petty said (I think it was Tom) “The waaaaiting is the hardest part” Good luck though!! It all sounds pretty promising. Oh and I hate summer too, especially humidity. Sorry, I haven’t had much time to read other blogs lately. Had a few moments now while Jonah is in the bath (daddy’s kakari) Take care! And thanks for all your comments on my blog!

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