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Busy Weekend

Posted on: July 14, 2008

We had a really busy weekend this time around!

I don’t have too much time to make a long update but here is briefly what happened 🙂
On Saturday we went to a baseball game! It was really fun! Ryohei and I live only one stop away from the Kobe teams baseball stadium and it’s only about a 25 minute walk so we decided to go by foot. A friend of ours has season tickets so he gave us free passes to the game! Kobe’s team isn’t very strong but it was still a fun time! They lost (apparently they’ve had a nine game(!) losing streak) but it was really fun and reminded me of when I was younger and my dad would take my brothers and me to our local team in America. I really enjoy baseball 🙂 I hope to take my own kiddies someday! I don’t think Niigata has a team though, but our friend says they are building a big stadium in Niigata City in a few years so maybe by the time I have school aged children there will be a team there!

Sunday I met up with my friends Carrie and Cassie again. As always it was so great to see them! They both have absolutely beautiful little girls who I love playing with!! We went to Cassie’s Japanese friends house (who also has 3 daughters) so there were 5 little girls running aroung! Oh my gosh! It was fun through! They all had a lot of fun… beating on.. er.. playing with Ryohei.

(warning… this gets a little loud)

If you are on my facebook you can see more pics! We’ll be having a BBQ in the beginning of August which I’m really looking forward too! I don’t get to see friends very often so its always such a good treat to be around other laidback English speakers. Of course, I like soaking up mommy advice too 🙂

After playing in Osaka, we went back to Kobe and had a nice sushi dinner. There was a cute hole in the wall 125yen a dish sushi place we discovered and it was delicious! For about 2000yen we were happy and full of sushi. We don’t eat out too often since Ryohei doesn’t have a job but it was fun.

We also bought our tickets for Niigata during Obon. We’ll be there from the morning of August 9th through the evening of August 15th! A whole week at the inlaws! Well we don’t have any issues really so its not a problem. Actually I’m not the best cook, so I really like all the homemade meals my PILs make! While we are in Niigata, Ryohei will find out the results of this court officer test! Hopefully he will have passed and we can celebrate with his family. Last year when we went for Obon was when he told them he was quitting his job and applying for the tests. His parents were actually pretty agaisnt it at that time because it’s so hard and also they didn’t want him to quit has other job. It would be nice if things came full circle and we found out while we there!

Anyways, I’ll close with a cute picture!! Ryohei will kill me if he finds out, but isn’t he just adorable!


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Sounds like a lovely weekend!!! Glad you and Ryohei had a good time!

Just from reading what you say on your blog, I know that Ryohei is going to make one fantastic dad! I’m glad to hear that you had a fantastic weekend! You mentioned in your comment section last time that Shizuoka may be one of the places that Ryohei ends up working. Do you know where in Shizuoka?

Lulu – Thanks we did!! Hard to believe thats its gonna be all of our kids running around one day instead 🙂

Nay – Yes there is a (slight) possiblity we could end up in Shiz. Depending on if they have an early opening. There was a list of a few cities that were taking applicants this year. I know that Fuji-shi and Hamamatsu-shi were on there but I’m not sure of the others! I’ll take a look tonight and get back to you.

5 little girls in the house??Yep,your DH is going to be a great Dad;)

AWW thanks!!
I always feel like he’s gonna be a way better parent than me!

Some people are just good with kids I guess 🙂

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