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My secret addiction

Posted on: July 20, 2008

Ok… I’ll come clean. I really enjoy reality TV.
Most of it at least… its just so fun! And there are so many “interesting” people on there!

Usually I like stuff that is more in the vein of a “craft” of some sort. I enjoy the series you find on bravo like “Project Runway” and “Shear Genius.” I also really enjoy America’s Next Top Model as well.

Of course my absolute guilty pleasure is Big Brother. I have watched every season (excluding 9) in its entirety. I wonder if this makes me a horrible person.. but its just so addictive and I really look forward to it as part of my summer routine. And with the internet its so easy to access! Anyways I’ve rekindled the flame by getting into Season 10! (Oh my gosh can’t believe its been that long!!)

Anyways how much fun did I have tonight by myself with my comfort food (Tuna Helper I brought from home in March and Mint chocolate chip ice cream) and my big brother 10 marathon!!

This was a big dose of Americana and seems to have warded off a little of the homesickness/negative energy I had been feeling lately.

I do get pretty addicted so before the end of the summer there may be more of these type of posts.


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and I threw a party when I found out Australian Big Brother was being axed from Channel 10… lol!!

I hope Ryohei did ok on his last lot of exams!

haha, I am with you Sara! I love big brother- I am not sure about American Big Brother but I am watching the Australian finale of Big Brother in Australia (The last forever!) at the time I am writing this comment!!!

I don`t watch much other reality tv though but I did catch some of Project Runway on foxtel here and I meant to tune into the Australian version but I forgot.

Hey can you tell me where you watch your tv online? I usually download but would love to be able to watch stuff online too and I know when I was in Kobe you were watching CSI online!

If u move to Sasaguchi you will be VERY close to me. I am a 6 min walk from the station in Yoneyama. The station has a big bookstore with an English section and my favorite cafe is above it with outdoor seating 🙂
I hope the exams went well because who knows, 2 months from now we can be sipping tea together.

Nay – I’ve wanted to check out big brother Australia! Ryohei said that his last exam went so so but he’s pretty confident about the court exam! We’ll know in 3 weeks!!

If America stopped their big brother my summers would lose a lot of fun 😦

Lulu – I will give you my links over facebook!! I enjoy American Big Brother but its pretty cut throat. You should check it out if you get the chance! Keep an eye out for my mail!

Lily – wow! We will be really close then! That’s great! One of the things I was the most worried about was not knowing anyone, and since DH and I don’t speak English together, not having anyone to speak English with. Not 100% sure if I will be in Niigata or not, but I’d say 80%! I will be in touch! DH was just in the area last weekend, and he really likes it!

Don’t even get me started on my TV addictions;).All I can say is that my life so much happier since we got Sky Perfect.And no need to watch Japanese TV any more!

I, 100% agree with Marianne, can’t live without my Sky Perfect either!!! And I *love* reality TV too. Too many to count though! Right on Sara, enjoy your comfort food and your reality TV, you deserve it, girly! : )

Marianne and Gina –

Hmm… you’ve intrigued me with this sky perfect tv idea… I may be running it by DH in the near future when we have a little more money to play around with.

Ehehehehe… 🙂

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