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Hot and Sticky and Sleepless

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Well I spoke too soon about my stupid excuse for an A/C being well behaved!! Wouldn’t you know that ever since I wrote that post it hasn’t been working which means relying on only a fan to sleep for the last few days. I honestly have so many problems sleeping when its hot. I’ve found of of the only things that helps is to put an ice pack under my left armpit to cool the circulating blood. This tends to help a lot until the ice melts leaving only a wet mess!

So after almost a month, I made some progress with my publishing company. I was forwarded along to a higher up who asked me to send in more translation work as well as telling me that if I passed I shouldn’t expect anything because work usually goes to “established” translators!! How the heck.. do I get my own self established if I can’t even have a chance? Oh well.. I sent in my work anyways. I feel like I’m holding back quite a bit of frustration with all this.. things are just not going well, at least for me. The last thing I want is to quit my job and have nothing left to fall back on. I did everything right… I made the right moves… I passed into agencies and nothing!! All because I’m new! I hate it!!! I hate it so much!!!

I guess I should just be concentrating on Ryohei now. To be honest, I’ve been so distracted lately, that and his computer has been fixed. We’ve barely spoken to each other the past few days I’ve been home. And since the damn air conditioner is busted, its too hot to even cuddle at night.

Yah, I know.. two days until Niigata… only a bit longer. But I just feel so blah about everything. Nothing ever seems to go right for me these days. I just hope my bad luck hasn’t rubbed off on Ryohei for his results. I don’t think I can take care of both of us in the case that they don’t.

Everyones been so kind to give me so much positive energy.. I wish I could show my appreciation better. I find myself being a rather selfish b**** lately… 😦


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hey sara, sometimes when you find yourself in a rut, it can be soooo hard to pull yourself out of it – I know! But you will come out of it eventually. Until then, I say you rant and rave your little heart out here, we’re all still gonna send the positive vibes your way.

And the system with the agencies and having to be established sucks, hey! Maybe you should keep bugging your contact until they get so sick of emails from you, they send you some work?! hehe.

TGIF, right?!? Hope you have a great day and have fun in Niigata – it should be cooler there, right??

Oh Sara, I know its difficult to stay positive at times like this… But we are all here for you, cheering you and Ryohei on!!

And I know completely how you feel about the air conditioning… We don’t have air conditioning at all in Naoki’s dormitory… We are surviving with just a fan, and it does make cuddling at night a little less attractive doesn’t it πŸ˜›

I hope you have a great time in Niigata. I can’t believe we missed you by 1 week. Although if you guys do move there, we will be able to come and visit. Next years hanabi is already on my calendar!!

Hey Sarah … some more thoughts on translating here from me!

Try doing some translation work freelance for individuals and smaller agencies, even if they don’t pay as well, in order to build up your resume. Have you registered on http://www.translatorscafe.com and guru.com? You’ll get notified whenever someone posts a new job — apply for them all, no matter how trivial. I got a job translating the intro to a book on Chinese antiques through that site, a site translating a bunch of research in Chinese for a guy doing graduate research, a bid for a skyscraper for a real estate company.. none of it really prestigious or interesting stuff, but it padded my resume and helped get me more work through word of mouth. As a translator just starting out, it’ll probably be quite awhile before you get to do the cool stuff (remember, everyone and their mom wants to do literary translation), so you gotta seek out the boring jobs and build up a portfolio. Shoot, maybe you’re doing this already, but keep at it. Just being on the database for the literary translation firm is a big accomplishment for a young translator, you should be proud. πŸ˜€

Have fun in Niigata Sara-chan!

Heaps of good advice here!!!

Best of luck!

TJ – Haha thanks… I just feel bad about complaining so much. Seems like its all that I ever do these days. I always feel bad about bugging my contacts too much.. I try to wait 2-3 weeks or so between mails. Its like… you want attention called to you but not bad stalker attention. lol Leaving tonight for Niigata, yay!

Nay – Oh gosh… so you are also part of the no AC club… its not too fun is it 😦 And you are so on for fireworks next year!! Maybe we can have a huge meet up in Niigata with lots of people.

Jess – Thanks so much for all your advice. I know that you are very right. I have been stuck on this whole literary translation bit… I’ve been thinking that if Ryohei should pass and we move that I’ll really start firing out my resume to just about anywhere. I had just hoped that I’d have made more progress by now. I’m sure things will be fine.. I’ll be sure to reflect back on your comment when I feel this way again (which is inevitable lol)

Lulu – Thank you!! And you and Shumpei better be joining us for the fireworks next August!!! πŸ˜‰

Best thing we did this summer was splash out and buy a new A/C for our bedroom.To hell with the expense…just do it and bet things start looking up!

Sara- where in Niigata are PIL? If you have time email me and we can see if we can meet up. DH likes driving so no worries.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Niigata!!! : )

Marianne – Nice!! I really don’t like using it too much for the enviornment.. but I try and reduce my carbon footprint in other ways. Just need to stay coool… I love being cold so I actually don’t used the heater too much in winter lol.

Lily – Oh no!!! I didn’t see this blog until we left 😦 Bummer! Well we may be back sooner than I thought… we may be living in Nagaoka though. I know that its a little far but I’m planning to visit Niigata City and I hope we can get together when I do! (I’m really sorry!! I would have loved to meet you)

Gina – Thanks!! I’m back and somewhat relaxed πŸ˜€

Don’t throw in the proverbial towel just yet.. I would do some side work, sign up with various groups/net groups etc because those usually lead to bigger and better fish…

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