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More of the same old…

Posted on: August 22, 2008

This has been a relatively fast week considering that I haven’t done too much. Maybe being on vacation helped because I actually had stuff to do when I came back to the office!! About double my normal work load… (not saying too much)

So we’re back in the midst of my dearly beloved waiting game. Well by this time next week we will have the results of Ryohei’s second test. I’m trying not to be too hopeful because after the disappointment of the last one, I don’t think I could deal with it again. The more that we’ve looked into this new department the more it seems like it would be really good for both of us. First of all the pay is much better than any other komuin job. Not that money is one of my biggest concerns, it would be reassuring to know that occasionally we would be able to splurge on things after we’ve saved up for a couple years like a trip to the London Olympics or a massage chair (I’ve always wanted one!!) Another thing is that from April we would have to move to Saitama for Ryohei’s 4 month orientation/training. I have quite a few friends in the Kanto area and I know that if we went it would definitely be less lonely than it has been here. Not to say I don’t have a couple really great friends here who I will miss a lot, but I know that Ryohei and I don’t have the ties to stay in this region forever. The nice thing about Japan is that it is a relatively small country so I know I’ll be able to come back and visit especially if coming in from the Kanto area.

The tax agency has regional offices scattered about Northern Kanto and 1 bureau (located near Omiya in Saitama), apparently overtime at the offices isn’t too bad but at the bureau where a lot of the newbies end up it can be pretty rough. However, apparently you get transferred quite a bit so it would only mean 1-2 years of putting up with it before going somewhere a little less busy/urban. So… yah… for me, this set up is pretty good. (Much better than moving to the scary inaka right off the bat) so I’m really really hoping that Ryohei gets a better score than the stupid courts offices (sour grapes much, lol) Gah… I’m scared though because this really is our last chance. Well… there is the city hall… but I’m still really ambivalent on that so I’m trying not to think about it right now. Then theres the possibility of him not even getting that and having to spend one more year at this job…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I’m actually taking a day off next Friday (day of the results) because I know if he doesn’t pass I am going to be too upset to sit around at work all day, and if he does pass I want to be there to see how happy he is when he sees the results.

So that’s him. How about me… well we have a little progress. It seems that FINALLY my persistence is paying off. I’m not sure how clear I’ve made this so far but I am mainly trying to work with two places. One is a literary translation agency and one is a direct publisher. For both I’ve been accepted as a translator, its just a matter of getting work. After trying to get in contact for almost a month now the agency just got back to me today and gave me my first project!!! Its very very small… but I’m hoping this is them just testing me out as a translator. They do a lot of Japanese novel and Japanese comic translations so I’m hoping that if I do a good job on the first little things they give me.. and by little I mean like a paragraph or two.. that I will be getting my first BIG FISH project in maybe a month or two. My contact said they had some book projects coming up for September so I’m hoping that I will be considered for one of them. The timing couldn’t be more perfect if this all works out since hopefully I would be ending this job at the end of September. I could transition into doing literary translation work part-time while Ryohei starts his new job!

See… this is why I have to control myself.. cause if I get to excited and things come crashing down then I will be in a world of sadness. I’ve always been really optimistic by nature… it seems to be my default state. I’ve had my fair share of bad luck and good luck.. but I’m really hoping that next week is gonna change the tides for everything.


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The two companies you are signed up for sound great- Best of luck with your translation project you just received. What is it for?

You know I am thinking of you! I hope everything goes well next Friday!

So you are definitely finishing up work this september? Not long to go now! Are you excited?

Much love, Lulu xoxo

Can you send me your address in Kobe? Just on facebook when you get a chance?

Congratulations on being accepted as a translator for both the companies you wanted to get work with. Can’t wait to hear how your projects go!

Only 4 more days of waiting… I’m sure the waiting is nearly driving you insane, but it will be soon be over!!

Thinking about you both from over here in Oz!

I have been trying my best to get back into the swing of mastering the Japanese language but the excuse that my plate is full works no more- What study guides to you use- and how long did you study for to finally be accepted as a translator?

Lulu – sorry I’m so late in getting back to this comment! My project was just to translate some biography of a contributor to a comic magazine. Not too exciting but baby steps right. IF Ryohei passes Friday I should be done by the end of Sept. If not I’m still gonna be working. Only a few more days…

Nay – Thank you so much!! Really hoping that once you get back here after the wedding we can meet up!! I’d like to come visit you in October regardless of whether Ryohei passes or not! I know there are a lot of buses from Osaka to Shizuoka… I’d probably have to stop in Hamamatsu right? How far are you from there?

Girl Japan – I have to admit that I’ve been pretty lucky with picking up the language. Probably the main reasons are 1. My studying for the JLPT 1kyuu last year. I picked up a ton of kanji and vocabulary (although I’m forgetting a lot of the more obscure words now) and 2. just speaking Japanese both at work and with my husband. He also helps when I don’t get something on my translations which is nice. I hope that eventually I’ll be able to do them without him though.

As for what I used to study, pretty much study guides for 1kyuu and 2kyuu tests. I also occasionally read Japanese novels and manga for new vocabulary. I can get through manga pretty quickly but the novels take a long time to get through. Hopefully by translating them I’ll be able to increase my reading even more.

If you have any more questions feel free to msg me over FB!!

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