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Posted on: August 26, 2008

Lately I feel like my blog has just been radiating negativity. So today I am planning to make a different kind of post. It seems that rather than posting about my situation, it would be better to post something more from the heart.

So I am going to post about Japan and living here. Of my almost 25 years, I have now been living here about 3. A very shallow amount in the bucket of life, but despite minor annoyances which occasionally balloon into major annoyances, I am pretty happy about living here. I’m not sure what about Japan captivated me in the first place. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and thought “Golly gee, I’m gonna go live in Japan.” I think perhaps it was the language. I would like to say I have been blessed with fairly linguistic genes. My mother and father were both world travelers, my mom was an English teacher who spend most of her 20s and early 30s in Europe mainly Greece and Germany, and my dad was in the British Navy and thus sailed around the world in many places. My parents (now divorced) actually met in Greece and lived there and ran a water skiing business before getting married. They both speak a number of languages to varying degrees. My Aunt on my fathers side is fluent in French and is a University professor in England. So I know that a love for travel and speaking other languages comes from both sides of my family. Interestingly enough neither of my little brothers seem to have a flair for it through.

I think I made my first international travel at the ripe old age of 1 or 2 when my parents took me to England and Greece. And we went to Europe several times until my parents got divorced when I was in junior high school. I really think that those experiences helped to set me as how I am now. Although I’m pretty much stuck working now, I’d like to think that in the future I will be able to see more of Asia and of course go back to Europe. As I mentioned before Ryohei and I would love to go to London and see my family living there for the 2012 Olympics. It would also be the year of our 1st Anniversary (remember we got married on February 29th) so it would be an excellent anniversary present for the both of us. I don’t doubt that we will have at least one child by then (fertility willing) and I look forward to introducing him/her to great Aunts and Uncles as well as friend “Aunties.” We do have to start putting aside funds though once Ryohei starts working. Still a lot of time though and its nice to have a goal to work towards! We’ve decided to each pick on event that we want to see. I really want to see either the artistic gymnastics or a diving competition and Ryohei wants to see swimming. (I suppose he’s into the Kitajima movement… personally I’m happy he didn’t pick Judo)

So theres a little bit of happiness for my blog! Does anyone else have any big plans that they are saving up for? Anyone ever been to an Olympics event? Share your stories if you have them in the comments section.


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I enjoyed reading about your plans!!! Your trip to the Olympics sounds wonderful – I would love to see the gymnastics and the diving too! They are my favourite events at the Olympics. It would also be nice to catch up with all your rellies again!!!

Big plans that we are saving up for – the wedding (of course), we are still saving up for it, lol! And then my sister’s wedding is next year in August so we need money for flights home in August… And then, IF I get an invitation to Lulu’s wedding, I would love to go… But, I really don’t think we would be able to save enough to go back home twice in one year…

Wow, the Olympics is such a great goal. Hmmm, what would I like to see? As an Aussie the swimming would be exciting but I'm afraid without closeups and replays and all that I wouldn't have any idea who was where and doing what! I thought of one- Equestrian. I think dressage is amazing. I was doing my final exams when the Sydney Olympics were on and didn't even watch much on TV. >_<

As for long term plans, hmmm, well my 2 day, one night mini honeymoon was a disaster (wedding exhaustion, 4am start to drive PIL to airport, couldn't move without feeling ill from morning sickness and I had to submit a unit for a translation test to boot) So I am hoping to plan an exciting/ relaxing/ romantic/ refreshing tropical island getaway when we finish paying off our house. Only 8 years to go!

Nay – Sounds like you have a lot of weddings on your plate for the next year! You must be so happy to have yours and then be able to go to your sisters!! I’m hoping you’d be able to make to Lulu’s as well! I hope to go too!!!

The Fukases – Wow that sounds like a great plan! A tropical island getaway~ I hope that you guys can make it come true!! And I think that being a home owner is a huge accomplishment as well! About the olympics.. maybe if Tokyo wins the bid for the 2016 olympics I will go as well. I’m hoping to have an elementary aged kid by then so I think it would be such a great experience to go together!
And I agree Aussie swimmers rock!! I enjoyed watching them this summer 😀

Hey Sara – if you and I both end up going to Lulu’s wedding, you are more than welcome to stay at my mum’s house with me!!

Nay – Wow I can imagine how much fun that would be!! Well know I really hope you (and I) can go!!

I really really hope things work out because I really want to see Lulu’s wedding and I REALLLLLLY want to visit Australia its been on my list of places I want to go for years!!

Today is the day… the waiting is over, I hope Ryohei gets good news!! You are both in my thoughts, and if possible, please let me know how it turns out because I’m worrying about you both from over here!

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