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I don’t know about anyone else, but the economic situation in America is sort of worrisome to me. At the same time, it makes me slightly relieved that Ryohei did get his job as a komuin since its such a stable occupation. Looking back, I guess if we had tried to immigrate him to America it might have really been a struggle to find work/keep things afloat. To be honest I’m still not 100% thrilled over the location, and part of me really, really wishes we would be living closer to Tokyo… but I guess that’s how it is.

Ryohei has his health check tomorrow and then he will send in the final paperwork to be registered as a member of the city office. He’ll start work the first of April, although I suppose he will probably move up a week or two ahead of time to settle in with things.

I’m not sure what I will be doing yet. I know that my leaving halfway through the year will not be a very nice thing to do. But the thought of being apart from Ryohei for another 4 months is not really something I want to do. Not to mention that its not like I’m enthralled with my work. It’s a tricky situation… there are still so many factors as well.

For one, if I do end up getting the novel assignment, it will be a lot of work. So much so that I may want to end up leaving my job early especially if more projects start coming in. I have a feeling that getting one published credit to my name is a good bit of insurance for my other prospective clients to start entrusting me with work. Not to mention that my original agency likes to give out multiple projects at once if you get good reviews… so I hopefully will be busy enough and having a bit of income coming in to offset the financial loss that leaving my current job will be. (Although we will be living in the semi-inaka where it the cost of living is lower, Ryoheis starting salary will be about 30% lower than what I make now. Of course he does get a yearly bonus and some other perks which I guess would bump it up a little bit… but we also need to buy a car and start paying for fuel/inspections etc, which will be a bit of an expense in itself)

If I don’t have any long term freelance work coming in within the next 2-3 months… I may just have to stay to get the two years of experience on my resume. It seems that in the literal translation world, its all about who you know and spaces are very limited… in the world of technical translation, experience and qualifications seem to be key for getting work. I’m trying not to think about things to hard and just keep it a day (or well a month or two at a time…) but I’m too much of a thinker aheader. (lol)

At least we have Ryohei (the breadwinner)’s stuff all figured out. And he has been so happy lately, which makes me happy. I think for over a year now he’s been so worried and upset about the future, living with someone who is happy is so much easier.


Finnnnnally it is Saturday! About time huh? I’ve been waiting for the weekend all week. For some reason this month has gone by really fast. Next week will begin the start of October my favorite month of all time!! For such reasons as my birthday and Ryohei and my anniversary!!

Right now I’m sipping some Carmel milk tea and just enjoying the light breeze coming in! The other night Ryohei and I were comparing sunglasses. We tried on each others sunglasses and decided that we were going to switch since his look better on me and mine look better on him!!

We even took pictures to compare!

What do you think? He is the owner of the light yellow sunglasses and I am the owner of the black ones.. but he told me he thinks the black ones are too big for my face… any female opinions out there?

Also some good(?) news… I may be getting my first big translation assignment. I submitted a sample through my agency and while I was initially told they were going with someone else, I just got an email yesterday saying they’ve decided to submit mine to the publisher for further review… It would be a really big break… a series of novels.. that would probably take me a year or so to complete in entirety… anyways still not sure but this is a big step! Farther than I’ve gotten before 🙂 I’ll know more in another week or so?

Anyways thats about it for now!!

Things have been up and down as of late.
Having been shocked into thinking twenty million miles a minute at the beginning of the month, things are starting to slow down and become blah again.

Especially work is bllllaah. I found myself just sitting there staring at the clock around 3pm yesterday. *sigh*
I’m continuing the ongoing debate in my head about when/if to quit early. Theres a lot of different possibilities and to be honest its hard to weigh the pros and cons altogether. I may have to post them here and get some outside advice as obviously ending quickly would be my personal choice, but I tend to make stupid decisions so I want to make sure this one is thought out and there won’t be any future repercussions.

I’m wondering if my translating will pick up in the next month too… I guess that would be a big factor in quitting or not. I do have to get myself out the door but I hadn’t posted in a while so I wanted to at least throw something out there!

Ok.. well sparkly pretty Sarah is going to take a break to become very annoyed Sarah for only a little bit.
Also this post contains a few things that I’d prefer not to talk about but I guess for the sake of venting I will anyways.

Alright.. so on Friday we had the yearly COMPULSIVE health check up. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of them at all… anyways they have all the wonderful herding around from station to station etc..

Lastly is an X-Ray. Now… I don’t want to go sounding the alarm or making a huge deal about things… there was a slight passionate make-up romp that happened a little early this month that involved… ahem.. a moment of stupidity on my part and anyways… who knows really. But anyways, having calculated from my last time of the month I saw that our little romp was right on the edge of the “danger zone” so… there is a small small chance that something could have resulted.

Anyways so knowing that… I know that I shouldn’t be taking an X-Ray. So… I check the box that says no X-Ray so of course I got a huge bad time about apparently I needed this “reason” sheet, which they wouldn’t give me by the way. And told me everything was fine etc.. etc.. I told the nurse that I didn’t know for sure if there was anything going on and that I did not want people knowing. Oh no its fine I was told, don’t worry.

And not less than 30 minutes after I’m done and back up in my office the phone rings asking for my supervisor and then telling her all about me and my “reason” for not taking the X-ray and then faxing up the F***** reason sheet to be filled out in my office and signed by not only my direct supervisor but my boss!! I was so angry. I felt that was a huge violation of my privacy… but of course there is nothing I can do now.

I told my supervisor that I didn’t know for sure and I wouldn’t for a couple more weeks but she was like you have to let me know as soon as you do. First of all I don’t want to. Its my choice and my confidentiality… even if I did some how get pregnant, I don’t want to go around announcing it until at least a couple months have passed.

So yes… I am feeling incredibly personally violated by this whole experience. As well as feeling… “watched” for any strange signs of behavior at work… Sometimes I really hate it here, am I correct in believe this would NOT have happened in a western country??

So I was bored online today and I discovered the whole “old wives tale” where you can determine the gender and number of your future children by using string and a wedding ring or needle.

Apparently you dangle the string over your left palm or wrist and if it goes in circle that means a girl and straight lines is a boy. Apparently there is a pause in between each child as well.

Well I’ve done it about 15 times now and it has always been the same result!
Circles, lines, circles and then it just comes to a dead stop. Ryohei and I have always wanted to have 3 kids so maybe theres some truth to it. Kind of weirded out that it is always the same pattern tho!

Checked some websites and some people seem to swear by it!! Has anyone else ever done this? Or if you try it what kind of results did you get? Apparently all pregnancies including ones that didn’t come to term are included!

Here’s a video of someone else doing it in case you are interested!
video link

Wow… so September has been like a horrible nasty blogging month for crazy Sarah here.
But now nice and optimistic Sarah has returned things are much better.

So what are the nice things you might ask~ I have quite a few! Why not share!

I’m going to Shizuoka for the next 3 day weekend in October!! Nay and Naoki have graciously allowed me to come visit them!! I’ve passed through there several times but never really stayed so I’m looking forward to both that and meeting another blogger friend in real life!! This will be my 2nd! (who hoo!) Don’t worry I plan to try and get around to as many of you as I can. 🙂

Ohh.. this is a good one. We got a letter today from Ryoheis dad pretty much apologizing that he doubted him and that he saw how hard he had been studying… so that made Ryohei feel really good. They also send us 1man of “celebration” money so we are dedicating it towards our komuin celebration/2nd year anniversary KOBE BEEF DINNER at the end of next month. YUM.

My birthday is in less than month… yay? Hmm… that number is getting high… so not as excited…

But there are lots of October birthdays coming up and I have two birthday parties of friends kids to go to next month! yay (If you haven’t noticed I’m busy pretty much every weekend)

Ohh… ok and more inaka stuff.. well.. we started looking at apartments which has been fun. We’re aiming for a 3LDK.. one thing about the inaka is that stuff is pretty cheap. We can get a 3LDK there for about 1man a month more than the 1DK I am living in now. We’re also looking at apartments within a 5-10 minute walk of Nagaoka station.

Also the new TV season has started!!! I love Tv haha.. and I am so excited that my faves. House, Greys Anatomy, and Private Practice will be starting up before the end of the month! I already have the first House episode lined up and waiting to be watched on my computer!

Alright… I guess thats about it for now?
I better go to sleep or I’m going to hate myself for it in the morning. (Damn night owl genes)


Posted on: September 16, 2008

Ok one last post for the night.

Theres been talking, a lot of talking.
The ridiculous we should split up talking… has thankfully ceased.

In any case.. I guess this is happening. I’m taking things for 2-3 years then reassessing. At least thats what I’ve been promised.

Ryohei is super happy… I’m so-so… I guess.

So thats what is happening for now.
I don’t want to think of the future anymore because it will make me too depressed.
So for the meanwhile I’m just thinking of the next 2-3 years.

I will be making LOTS of visits to see people…

I’m so tired and trying not to worry about everything.
I think I’m too exhausted to put up that much more of a fight. At least we’ll be in Nagaoka.
Theres a Starbucks there so I can drink my troubles away with expensive coffee beverages.