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Posted on: September 3, 2008

For all you out there who have been so kind to mail me or comment here – thank you.
Yes I am alive!!

There has obviously been a lot going on lately. Ryohei’s interview is coming up on Friday and we’ll probably find out the results next next week.

Depending on the results we have a lot of things to decide.

So yah – once again look forward to a few more boring posts from me!

I haven’t been sleeping well lately so it feels like I’m running on empty!! Arg!!!


4 Responses to "Alive"

Glad to hear you’re Ok. 🙂

Fingers crossed for good news Friday.

I know this sounds fatalistic but if you *do* end up in the inaka you
(a) might like it (doubtful?)
(b) could angle for a transfer to kencho
(c) could hate it big time and do something drastic about it. And that could be a good thing. I know my case is the opposite like/ dislike but it’s the same pattern- I always thought I would hate living in the city but never had. DH was transferred and we lived there. I was right, I hated it. But with that experience behind us we were able to much more easily clarify our goals and wants and needs and DH changed jobs (shock!) and here we are. I don’t think it would have been so easy if it was based on hypothetical rather than experience.

(that was supposed to be encouraging and positive- just in case it didn’t come across that way!) 😉

No matter what the result, you two need a vacation after all this. I hope you can take even a short little getaway to refresh yourselves. Fukushima is nice this time of year 🙂

Hang in there Chica = ) Like what the other poster said- it is not all doom, it is just a start- remember that. I know how you feel- moved to the city area but close enough to the ocean- love it. Aim for a transfer in Kencho- its just a start, DH was at kencho and transferred to National- If he passes (there are three grades) 1-2-3, if he gets in at local Kencho at grade 1 or higher… woot-woot- money, money.


But if he passes for Kencho at 2 or higher take it. Its just a start- don’t worry darling.. he can just add a few qualifications and in his yearly review he can specify his goals and they are accounted for… DH HATED the dept he worked at for Kencho and that is what he did — chin up..!

Wow – I’m pretty late on my comments this time! Sorry guys!

Thefukases – You were very encouraging and postive!! Thank you!! Well I guess we have to see how the results come out. Ryo said he doesn’t think the interview went well so pretty much that is probably the end of that. :/ On to the next venture I guess! Thanks for all the suggestions and advice

Christelle – I TOTALLY want to go on a vacation… *sigh* Fukushima might be nice, I’ll keep it in mind! Just curious but how many hours are you from Tokyo by bus or train?

Girl Japan – Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate them! As I meantioned to thefukases, Ryo doesn’t think he did very well on the interview so it might just be a bust afterall.
But we are thinking of other options that I haven’t posted about here yet – you have a lot of good advice/suggestions! Thanks for picking your brain for me!

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