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Posted on: September 18, 2008

Wow… so September has been like a horrible nasty blogging month for crazy Sarah here.
But now nice and optimistic Sarah has returned things are much better.

So what are the nice things you might ask~ I have quite a few! Why not share!

I’m going to Shizuoka for the next 3 day weekend in October!! Nay and Naoki have graciously allowed me to come visit them!! I’ve passed through there several times but never really stayed so I’m looking forward to both that and meeting another blogger friend in real life!! This will be my 2nd! (who hoo!) Don’t worry I plan to try and get around to as many of you as I can. 🙂

Ohh.. this is a good one. We got a letter today from Ryoheis dad pretty much apologizing that he doubted him and that he saw how hard he had been studying… so that made Ryohei feel really good. They also send us 1man of “celebration” money so we are dedicating it towards our komuin celebration/2nd year anniversary KOBE BEEF DINNER at the end of next month. YUM.

My birthday is in less than month… yay? Hmm… that number is getting high… so not as excited…

But there are lots of October birthdays coming up and I have two birthday parties of friends kids to go to next month! yay (If you haven’t noticed I’m busy pretty much every weekend)

Ohh… ok and more inaka stuff.. well.. we started looking at apartments which has been fun. We’re aiming for a 3LDK.. one thing about the inaka is that stuff is pretty cheap. We can get a 3LDK there for about 1man a month more than the 1DK I am living in now. We’re also looking at apartments within a 5-10 minute walk of Nagaoka station.

Also the new TV season has started!!! I love Tv haha.. and I am so excited that my faves. House, Greys Anatomy, and Private Practice will be starting up before the end of the month! I already have the first House episode lined up and waiting to be watched on my computer!

Alright… I guess thats about it for now?
I better go to sleep or I’m going to hate myself for it in the morning. (Damn night owl genes)


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A happy post! Yay!

So glad you are going to go up and meet Nay & Naoki- Very exciting! You will love them both for sure!

A 3LDK would be awesome! I want one!

I didn`t know private practice was starting up again so soon- I must must must watch! I love all those programs you mentioned and many more! I have been out of TV land for awhile now though since I am in Australia. when I return to Japan though and where internet is faster I will be back to downloading all my favourites for sure!

I can not beleive Ryohei`s dad sent that letter…He must be feeling pretty bad (dad I mean) after what was said. Parents?!?!?!?

I am hope from work today- woke up with a migraine this morning but feeling much better now. Think less internet time might be in order though because it was probably caused by too much looking at the computer.

Hiya Sarah!!! I added you to my RSS feeds…so hard to keep up with everyone. That was very dear for Nay & Naoki to offer you some R&R, bitch fest…I don't know them well but they sure sound like friends I'd want to keep close… Ichi man yen…Eh…a are you serious…think of of it positively.. you'll be able to put away some serious bank…

I do hope whatever decision you make, you try to put yourself first- and like others said.. You can always decide later on if you see the decision as once you may regret. I'm not sure how I feel about him not budging, but I do hope that he considers your life, your feelings, goals and career too.

On a more positive note and this is what counts.. you are happy today….and my dear, darling.. that's what counts. Throwing you heaps of happiness.

Lulu – Yup! I am addicted to American Dramas… esp. the medical ones apparently. I hope you feel better girlie… working/computer staring can just be so tough on the eyes and back and neck sometimes.

Yah a 3ldk would be nice… you’ve seen my apartment so you know that personal space here is… well.. non existent. Feel better!

Girl Japan – Thanks for the happiness I would really like to stay in this positive mindset for now. In any case… I’m agreeing for the first couple years and there has been some talk of what will happen after that. You said your husband transferred between government jobs right? I think Ryo may consider that as well.. but thats still a bit off. My hugest issues is that I don’t like a future with no options and I want my kids to have a chance to get at least some of their education in either an international school or in the states. There may come a time when Ryo and I have to live apart for a couple years… but thats way too far in the future for me to consider seriously right now.

Hope you are having a happy day yourself!

It’s great to hear you sounding a little bit more positive!!!

I can’t wait till you come and visit us. I am so excited! I have been telling everybody I talk to, lol! I’m not sure exactly what we are going to do – but I’m sure we will think of something!

Oh, and a 3LDK would be fantastic – actually being able to have some personal space will really make a difference. Our new apartment is only a 3DK, and once we start having kids I can see it starting to get too squashy, but for now its perfect! The lounge room/ dining is the most worrying part – nothing fits in there! lol!

Yay for TV!! I don’t download much TV, but my mum does record my 3 favourite Australian drama’s and send them to me *blushes*. We are also going to get Sky Perfect TV (once we have bought our bigger TV that is!)

I haven’t been reading many blogs lately so have come in and read a lot today. Last time I read you were happy and really hoping Ryo would pass his exams. I am the first in line to agree that the whole komuin thing is a complete bitch – but that said it is a VERY steady (almost stagnant thesedays) paycheck and Ryo will advance into the realms of tantousha, kakaricho, kacho hosa and kacho as he gets older. It also means a good payout when he turns sixty!!

He will also get some job postings in offices that he doesn’t like. Hub is currently a tax man but so wants to be in the social welfare or education divisions!! Maybe next transfer 😉

When we got married I was 28 – I told myself I would give myself till I was 35. A pessimistic way to start a marriage I know. We fight all the time – which means having to make up every second day. All fun and games. Throw a few kids in the works and things get more interesting. I will be 35 in three years but at this rate we will last longer than that. Unless Granny K falls into the rice paddies and breaks a leg and needs 24 hour care, bathing and taking to the toilet. In which case I may well pack up the kids and we’ll meet you at starbucs.

Hang in there. And if you ever want to find out what ‘real’ inaka is like then douzo.

One last thing – NEVER agree to live with the inlaws.

Kobe Beef sounds Yummy.

Hi Sarah- good for you!!! Keep positive because we need that and do your best to keep toxic things, feelings at bay.

Yes, when DH finished college he took the test for National GOV but he studied for the test, he got in at level one, but then they wanted him transferred to the local GOV which was still a beneficial choice monetarily nothing changed. They wanted his expertise for the exposition (this is years and years ago)before I ever met him. Then he transferred to the LSO labor law division- then took and got his qualification and moved to the ministry of justice.. so he went in between Governments (getting more qualifications is the way to go,) they all —officers– come up for review once a year.. so this can work in your advantage and his.

36 seems to be the cut off but he can always go back and retake the prefecture test- and seek out a transfer. And in between all of that, he was sent to a private sector (his wishes) to help with all the prefecture gov who are apart of his team.. its confusing but doable and beneficial.

He made director early at 37 I think….. it is not the end, just the beginning. Don’t worry… he can put in for a transfer in his next review…but before that if he can get a qualification on two.. that would help.

Chin up sweets…

Nay – I’m looking forward to it too!! I’m reallly laid back so don’t worry about having to jam pack my stay with stuff!! Just talking and going for walks around is enough to make me happy!! I’m really excited to see your 3DK! I know you want a lot of kids in the future but I’m sure it will be a great newlywed/first kids apartment. Ahh we have so much to talk about 🙂

Sky perfect sounds great!! I may get that eventually as well!

Gaijin Wife – Ok… you are bad.. you made me nearly spit out the water I was drinking when you wrote your comment. Particularly about your mother in law falling in the rice paddies. OMG 🙂

Ah yes… komuin wives… yah Ryohei is already thrilled about his payout at age 60 and I’m like…. whoa there buddy… 2-3 years de onegaishimasu!

Sounds like you are making it to 35 pretty well! Hopefully you can raise it up a couple notches. Maybe we can be pregnancy buddies together in the near future and my local starbucks is always open for you! Its just a 1.5 flight from Fukuoka to niigata (har har har)

Girl Japan – Oh my gosh… just reading that made me so confused lol. Well… I may have to write you more in the future for details! Ryohei and are both 25 this year… so we’ve got quite a bit more time before the deadlines… *head spinning*

Oh good, I was starting to stress about what we should do, because really there isn’t anything to do here! lol!! Although we do live only 5 minutes walk from the ocean, so we have a nice walking track!! And YAY for chatting, I can’t wait!! I have hardly any girlfriends in Japan (and the ones I have are Japanese) so being able to relax and chat all weekend sounds FABULOUS!! I might kidnap you and keep you in Shizuoka, lol!

I’m also a koumuin wife, although the city I live in is the 2nd biggest in Kyushu…Hmmm, I guess that doesn’t say a lot! The one good thing about koumuin’s is that if your DH is anything like mine, he’ll be home almost as soon as work gets out. Nice to see your hubby while it’s still relatively early! When I worked in an office, I came home later than he did! Glad to see you thinking more positively about the situation and that you found your AFWJ things!

Yay, I’m glad there’s some positive things for you to look forward too! I’m a firm believer that if you can be as positive about stuff as possible (it’s hard sometimes – like how can you be positive about a raining-cats-and-dogs-day? Yeah it’s great for the grass, trees, etc but what benefit do i have? A free shower if i take my shampoo out with me? I don’t think so….), you’ll be happier for it! Let me know when you’re ready for a kiwi care package – i’ll bombard you with it!

Nay – Hehe, I think Ryohei would be sad, but I think that I would like Shizuoka!! Have to look into getting my tickets soon!

Kuri – Good to hear that you have a good komuin wife experience! R is also looking forward to coming home at a somewhat early time! See last year when it was between 10:30 and midnight! I just sent in my furikomi today for AFWJ!

Jess – Yay I’ll hold you to it!! Haha… you’re right somethings its hard to make a postive of… like today I was walking down the stairs of my aparment and there was a giant spider. I’m sure the spider was glad it was alive… but I sure wasn’t I ran in the other direction carrying a buldging bag or garbage and all!! Hehe

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