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Posted on: September 19, 2008

So I was bored online today and I discovered the whole “old wives tale” where you can determine the gender and number of your future children by using string and a wedding ring or needle.

Apparently you dangle the string over your left palm or wrist and if it goes in circle that means a girl and straight lines is a boy. Apparently there is a pause in between each child as well.

Well I’ve done it about 15 times now and it has always been the same result!
Circles, lines, circles and then it just comes to a dead stop. Ryohei and I have always wanted to have 3 kids so maybe theres some truth to it. Kind of weirded out that it is always the same pattern tho!

Checked some websites and some people seem to swear by it!! Has anyone else ever done this? Or if you try it what kind of results did you get? Apparently all pregnancies including ones that didn’t come to term are included!

Here’s a video of someone else doing it in case you are interested!
video link


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Congratuoations in advance;)

Weird…I want to try it but would be too freaked out if it kept spinning and circling and I ended up with 10 kids!

Can you use an engagement ring? No wedding ring yet you see!

Maybe I will wait to do it when I see you next May! After I have a wedding ring. hehe!

I thought Ryohei wanted three boys for a band? He may have to settle for a couple of girl rockers! What did Ryohei think of that CD I sent? Birds of TOkyo?

By the way I will be finishing up work end of April, whatever I am doing, so if you have the money and time come to oz for awhile- we have plenty of room at my mum and dad`s places to stock extra guests!!!

My ex boyfriends mother beleived in the whole wedding band/ how many kids you would have thing – I got it done heaps, and the result was always the same… it said I would have 4 kids, freaky hey? Although, I don’t know if it depends on who you are with – if the number of kids would change or not.. hrm…

Off the topic – I read in your last blog entry’s comment section that you have sent in your AFWJ forms. I’m still waiting for mine to be sent out to me, but they big event for this year is being held in Chiba, and was wondering if you wanted to go together?

Marianne – Haha.. well I’m not going to put too much stalk into it!! But the number works out and I like the pattern that came out! Ryohei and I have both also seen dreams of our kids, he’s dreamt of a little gir that looked like me with like brownish blond hair and I’ve dreamt of having a baby boy. We’ll see how it all works out in the next couple years I guess?

Lulu – Hahahah… 10 kids huh? Maybe after you get married you should try it and just see! I think he likes the CD! He’s always listening to it on headphones so I can’t hear much of it!! Lol… I’ll have to sneak a listen for myself! thanks for the inivtation in Early April!! I’m strongly considering it!! There are a couple factors that would come to play but I will let you know!!! It would be soooo nice to!! How is Aussie weather in April/May?

Nay – I really think that the thing that freaks me out is the same number and pattern every time and then it just stops moving. Really really weird!! I’ll show you when I come visit! I want to see you do it too!! We should go to the Chiba event together! for sure! When is it?

Hi Joined myself after … oh gosh so many years.. but MIJ and AFWJ are the best groups around… I hope you ladies go, let me know and I’ll meet you there..

Yay!! Its a date 😀

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