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Posted on: September 21, 2008

Ok.. well sparkly pretty Sarah is going to take a break to become very annoyed Sarah for only a little bit.
Also this post contains a few things that I’d prefer not to talk about but I guess for the sake of venting I will anyways.

Alright.. so on Friday we had the yearly COMPULSIVE health check up. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of them at all… anyways they have all the wonderful herding around from station to station etc..

Lastly is an X-Ray. Now… I don’t want to go sounding the alarm or making a huge deal about things… there was a slight passionate make-up romp that happened a little early this month that involved… ahem.. a moment of stupidity on my part and anyways… who knows really. But anyways, having calculated from my last time of the month I saw that our little romp was right on the edge of the “danger zone” so… there is a small small chance that something could have resulted.

Anyways so knowing that… I know that I shouldn’t be taking an X-Ray. So… I check the box that says no X-Ray so of course I got a huge bad time about apparently I needed this “reason” sheet, which they wouldn’t give me by the way. And told me everything was fine etc.. etc.. I told the nurse that I didn’t know for sure if there was anything going on and that I did not want people knowing. Oh no its fine I was told, don’t worry.

And not less than 30 minutes after I’m done and back up in my office the phone rings asking for my supervisor and then telling her all about me and my “reason” for not taking the X-ray and then faxing up the F***** reason sheet to be filled out in my office and signed by not only my direct supervisor but my boss!! I was so angry. I felt that was a huge violation of my privacy… but of course there is nothing I can do now.

I told my supervisor that I didn’t know for sure and I wouldn’t for a couple more weeks but she was like you have to let me know as soon as you do. First of all I don’t want to. Its my choice and my confidentiality… even if I did some how get pregnant, I don’t want to go around announcing it until at least a couple months have passed.

So yes… I am feeling incredibly personally violated by this whole experience. As well as feeling… “watched” for any strange signs of behavior at work… Sometimes I really hate it here, am I correct in believe this would NOT have happened in a western country??


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sometimes i feel like there is a COMPLETELY different idea of what privacy is here.

you are totally justified in declining the x-ray and personally i don’t think you should need more of a reason than i don’t want to expose my body to unnecessary radiation. AND, i hate how gossip and rumors spread like wildfire in japan.

it’s your body and you are in no way obligated to tell your supervisor or boss unless it will somehow affect your performance at work, in my opinion.

i’m sorry that happened to you. 😦 and try not to let them get to you too much!

GAH! I hate Japanese health checks!

I would of gone the too much radiation route. I always wear a lead jacket when I have x-rays because I had SOOOOOO many when I was younger for ankle and wrist injuries and broken bones.

That sucks about the invasion of privacy too. The boundaries here are so different than in say America or Australia.

I actually took a pregnancy test earlier this week after a bit of a scare but all is ok and I will not be 7 months pregnant in my wedding dress! hehehe!

Hi Sara… if I take a guess do you work for BOE?

= )

The Nurses duty is to you, not them and she broke that rule- Japanese or non-Japanese patient/client.

I know you don’t need any more stress added to your plate but I would say something and report her.

OMFG…you are rightly mad! That is outrageous!Can you follow it up?I know it may do bugger all good but will give you some satisfaction.And it would never happen in a western country…the lawyers would be there in minutes.

About the check-ups in general,I know alot of people are very anti them but I also know so so many people who have been diagnosed in time with a variety of illnesses because they had them.

Gah. We have the same check-ups here in China. The last time I had one for my work visa I was about 6 months pregnant already so of course everyone knew, but on the health report, which I’m supposed to give to my employer in order for them to process the visa, they put “pregnancy” as a pre-existing condition, so if it had been earlier and I hadn’t told people yet I woulda been screwed. There’s no real concept of privacy here either, and although I kind of appreciate the fact that I’m forced to get a checkup (I had my first ever AIDS test in my whole entire life thanks to the Chinese health check), I don’t at all appreciate how your health suddenly becomes everyone elses business. Sounds like Japan is similar. You have my sympathy!

Don’t even get me started with the stupid health checks that Japanese companies make you do – it in itself is an invasion of privacy. But for the nurse to have then passed on the information about why you didn’t want the X-ray, is SOOO unprofessional and against her work ethics. I would be fuming if I was you!

poor you!

I was a JET with a girl who went to the doctor for something to help her sleep. She was getting all worked up about everyone watching her and talking about her and knowing everything about her and it was affecting her sleep. Numbskull doctor called the school to say they should keep an eye on her as she was depressed!

It’s not just the public sector either. DHs company went all privacy of information last year. They had to do heaps of training about emails and privacy etc etc. All very well and good and last week a higher up sidled up to DH and ‘I know it’s private but you haven’t been to the requested follow up medical check and the hospital called…’ @_@!!

See if you can milk your ‘pregnancy’ for at least a week. You know ‘erggg your lunch is making me nauseous, think I need to eat out in the sun’ and ‘ohhh what a pity the bathroom cleaner is toxic. I can’t really be around that in my state…’ 😉

General update – I did think about reporting someone but I don’t have the name of the nurse who called and honestly… I don’t really want to upset the “wa” of my office…

Maybe I’m weak… either way I’m still a little pissed off but I’ll get over it.

This is my first brush with Japanese privacy invasion… I supposed I best be getting used to it…

Thanks everyone for sounding the annoyed lady rally call… gosh I love you all so much 🙂

But they upset your “WA” seriously… you are not weak but just letting a stressful month get the best of you.

You don’t have to get used to it- it is wrong either way…. then again you have to strategically pick your fights wisely- = ) so I understand your reasons = )

opps.. P.S. To Marianne– what does OMFG mean? Sorry I am having trouble following all the acronym’s!

F***** too right you were pissed off. That is totally uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. Well done for not doubling back to hospital and whacking silly woman on head with ’empty’ wine bottle. Very well behaved on your part.

Very bad version of me taking Marina to doctors to have very small birth mark on neck checked out and spend thirty minutes answering questions on her upcoming operation, what was the name of her illness….

blah blah, bollocks, bollocks.

what has her bladder got to do with red mark on her neck??

Good luck.

AND, congratulations if you are still late 😉

We had naughty romp in hay at wrong time of month. I have fingers crossed will not be proud mother of three under three. Gah. Tis secret – haven’t even posted on own blog. Oops.

Ditto re: hatred for Japanese health checks. 2 related privacy invasion stories: 1) they wrote my fat percentage on the outside of my results envelope and left it on my desk at school for all the world to see. 2) To get my last job at the BOE here, I had to do a health check that included measurement of my bust, so they have that on file at my prefectural BOE. Nice, eh? I once called the police too because some hoodlums bothered me a couple of nights outside my apartment. The police called my school to tell them what happened!!! And a few weeks later they CAME TO MY SCHOOL to see how everything was- talk about drawing attention/lack of privacy. Just pray you never need to contact the police for anything here in Japan.

Sorry, those were just related stories to add to your fuel of anger and to the other stories here. Wish we could meet in person over a coffee to rant instead 🙂

Yada! That`s unacceptable. I understand you not wanting to rock the wa though.

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