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5 mins to post

Posted on: September 26, 2008

Things have been up and down as of late.
Having been shocked into thinking twenty million miles a minute at the beginning of the month, things are starting to slow down and become blah again.

Especially work is bllllaah. I found myself just sitting there staring at the clock around 3pm yesterday. *sigh*
I’m continuing the ongoing debate in my head about when/if to quit early. Theres a lot of different possibilities and to be honest its hard to weigh the pros and cons altogether. I may have to post them here and get some outside advice as obviously ending quickly would be my personal choice, but I tend to make stupid decisions so I want to make sure this one is thought out and there won’t be any future repercussions.

I’m wondering if my translating will pick up in the next month too… I guess that would be a big factor in quitting or not. I do have to get myself out the door but I hadn’t posted in a while so I wanted to at least throw something out there!


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You and me both, I am fumbling with the idea of quitting and going into biz myself- really hating the work environment, seems that I am fighting for my rights more than getting them. Working on the JPLT 4-1 but if you have smidgen of a moment, could you e-mail me what books I should concentrate on? Whatever your decion is, choose the one that will bring more happiness and less stress to your life.

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