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Silver Linings?

Posted on: September 30, 2008

I don’t know about anyone else, but the economic situation in America is sort of worrisome to me. At the same time, it makes me slightly relieved that Ryohei did get his job as a komuin since its such a stable occupation. Looking back, I guess if we had tried to immigrate him to America it might have really been a struggle to find work/keep things afloat. To be honest I’m still not 100% thrilled over the location, and part of me really, really wishes we would be living closer to Tokyo… but I guess that’s how it is.

Ryohei has his health check tomorrow and then he will send in the final paperwork to be registered as a member of the city office. He’ll start work the first of April, although I suppose he will probably move up a week or two ahead of time to settle in with things.

I’m not sure what I will be doing yet. I know that my leaving halfway through the year will not be a very nice thing to do. But the thought of being apart from Ryohei for another 4 months is not really something I want to do. Not to mention that its not like I’m enthralled with my work. It’s a tricky situation… there are still so many factors as well.

For one, if I do end up getting the novel assignment, it will be a lot of work. So much so that I may want to end up leaving my job early especially if more projects start coming in. I have a feeling that getting one published credit to my name is a good bit of insurance for my other prospective clients to start entrusting me with work. Not to mention that my original agency likes to give out multiple projects at once if you get good reviews… so I hopefully will be busy enough and having a bit of income coming in to offset the financial loss that leaving my current job will be. (Although we will be living in the semi-inaka where it the cost of living is lower, Ryoheis starting salary will be about 30% lower than what I make now. Of course he does get a yearly bonus and some other perks which I guess would bump it up a little bit… but we also need to buy a car and start paying for fuel/inspections etc, which will be a bit of an expense in itself)

If I don’t have any long term freelance work coming in within the next 2-3 months… I may just have to stay to get the two years of experience on my resume. It seems that in the literal translation world, its all about who you know and spaces are very limited… in the world of technical translation, experience and qualifications seem to be key for getting work. I’m trying not to think about things to hard and just keep it a day (or well a month or two at a time…) but I’m too much of a thinker aheader. (lol)

At least we have Ryohei (the breadwinner)’s stuff all figured out. And he has been so happy lately, which makes me happy. I think for over a year now he’s been so worried and upset about the future, living with someone who is happy is so much easier.


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The LB situation and the US economic situation will affect the world, especially us living in Japan…

I know you are not TRULY happy with the job situation but 30% lower than your teaching career? Huh? I don’t understand? Is it because of the location? Never the less though… like you said it is a secure position being a gov officer and heck you’ll love the two bonuses he’ll get, you could buy a new Harrier with both together so you’ll have much to look forward to as a couple- and no worries we all lean on each other, even if you are bringing in more bread than the other, it all boils down to team work!

I hope you get that gig!!!!!

Girl Japan – I’m not a teacher 🙂 I’m a coordinator for international realtions working mostly as a translator/interpreter for a city govenment. I have no problem with him being the made breadwinner, in fact I would encourage it (lol) I just like having something to do and extra spending money of course!

AHHH…. sorry I for some reason thought you had a teaching career at the Uni. Derr…. Sorry did not mean to insult you “teaching career” in Japan is a dirty word because the pendulum swings either all the way left or all the way right… no middle ground, no balance.

It seems awfully difficult to get tenure where I work and the PT work at JJ I won’t go further unless I master Japanese (hence me picking your brain about the JPLT) hehe I have only three afternoon classes M-F and MWF Am work but I finish by 4 which is great but as a career…secure.. no way but I like the private desk and autonomy (being able to chat in between rendering work) haha

Will you be able to keep your position, your working in Tokyo now, right?

Girl Japan – Haha.. I was a teacher before! So its not an insult lol. In fact I was probably more “busy” when I was a teacher. I work in an office now so pretty much I don’t have anything to do unless they give me work.. at least as a teacher I had 2-3 classes a day. And I’m not in Tokyo, I’m in Kansai. And since my position is contract I won’t be able to keep it past the beginning of August 09 anyways.

Hey Sara! Would you have to make a decision about your work as soon as possible or could you wait to see if you got some translation work in?

Maybe you should see it out til March then move with Ryohei to Niigata? I guess it all depends if translation work picks up. I think leaving to be with your husband would be ok- and that it wouldn`t be frowned upon.

I wish I could get into freelance work when I return to Japan- not neccessarily straight away but after a year or two (when the kids might come along basicaly!)

I don`t know much about the current economic situation in Ameria (or in Australia for that matter) but the kouimin job will definitely ensure that you are Ryohei are secure which is good.

Hope all is well with you. Talk soon!

decisions, decisions!!

Sorry I don’t have much advice for you – translation is something that I don’t think I will ever have the skills for! But I am hoping that you get the novel assignment, which will at least you get you inside the door!

Wages in Japan really suprise me – they vary so much compared to Australia. Usually in Australia, if you have a degree and working in that profession, your wage shows it. Then if you have your masters etc, your wage is even more. Naoki has both, a degree and his masters, but his salary is equivalent to what my mum (a cleaner at a school) gets… おかしいね。

But even though Ryohei’s salary may be lower to what you are used to things normally seem to work out in the end. You will get used to it, and your lifestyle will show it!

I’m glad to hear that Ryohei is happier of late. This past year must have been a very stressful time for him… and for you!

Are you a JET? I left my JET contract in April of my final year to join my husband in a different prefecture. Everyone was quite supportive even if I felt pretty crummy about it. 😦

You gotta do what’s best for you. In the long run are you gonna regret leaving work early or not spending time with your husband? 🙂 Who knows, you might even be eligible for maternity leave by then! 😉

Lulu – Yah I don’t have to decide right now. I just have acute “planning ahead-itis” I probably will have to let them know by the end of the year though. I praayyyy that I have some sort of assignment by then.

I promise I will look for some check/proofing jobs for you also apparently if you work with them you can get “promoted” up to a freelance translator as well. I know your skills will be top notch once you get back so it may be an excellent stepping off point for you 😉 Hope things are well!

Nay – Yah, its hard to understand wages here. On the whole they are a lot lower than what I’m used to in the states… but things must balance out somehow? I know that Ryoheis salary should rise a bit after the first few years and then there will be promotions etc… I’m sure that we will make things work, just a little mind boggling. Wow, I didn’t know Naoki had his masters… does he have chance for promotion in his company? I suppose we can talk all about in about 1 week!

The Fukases – Yes I’m a JET and I know it wouldn’t be impossible, although I would feel bad about out. Taking the maternity leave road out might be nice lol. Of course I better get cracking since even if I had a baby now it wouldn’t be out til almost July!

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