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October is here~

Posted on: October 2, 2008

Its October! YAY! I love~~~ October and the fall season.
Love Love LOVE!

Only about another week or so and I’m off to Shizuoka to visit Nay! My one year blog anniversary, my 25th birthday, Ryohei and my 2nd Anniversary, among other things are all coming up this month. Also if someone up there likes me, I’ll be making progress in the freelance translation department.

Wow… I think I’m going to be exhausted.

I’m so happy it has finally cooled down and I can go out side without feeling Niagra Falls running down my back. I’m so happy for the cool breeze and soon the turning leaves and then all the yummy fall foods. I love kabocha, kuri, apples and cinammon, yaki-imo and the start of nabe season!!

Ahh so many good things this month!!


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Cant wait for you to come!! Oh, NABE!!! I love Nabe!!

Well say hello to my Neighbor Nay!!!!

Oh.. and have a blast!

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