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Posted on: October 3, 2008

So today wasn’t such a great day. I was all sunshine and rainbows and all things fall yesterday, but today I was cranky, irritable, and just not a happy camper. I’m trying not to read too much into things but there have been some interesting PMS symptoms. I feel like I may be pregnant or at least in for a nasty nasty Aunt Flo this month. I guess we’ll find out next week…

Still have not heard back from my agency about the publisher. GWAHHHRR!! Its been over a week now… I hate this waiting. I always feel like a long time means bad news. I emailed my contact when I woke up this morning, but didn’t hear back… maybe tomorrow? (Its an American agency so they are a day behind us in Japan)

So yah… major PMS/waiting to hear from publisher = not happy me. Plus the fact I felt like killing some people at work today… But yes I’m decent at tatamae so I just smile and act like I’m so happy to be there. But in reality I’m looking at my sign in sheet and counting the months until it is all over.

At least tomorrow is the weekend. Maybe I can finally get some sleep since I’ve been waking up 2-3 times at night recently and feeling really unrested in the morning. Ryohei works Saturdays so I’ll have the day to myself tomorrow. I plan to eat lots of sweet potato chips and catch up on Americas Next Top Model and Project Runway.

Time for bed~


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Hey! Just catching up on your life. I remember wanting to kill people at my job (well, not literally, but well, almost) it’s a sign that you probably should change jobs as soon as possible. You never know what opportunities await you in Nagano, and if you had to choose would you rather live in Tokyo but not afford to be able to have kids right away or live in the countryside and be able to start a family whenever you like? I hope that your move goes well (I know its not for a while yet, but tecnhically the process has started.) and that you enjoy your destination more than you’re exptecting to. Bloom Where You’re Planted 🙂

Thanks Christelle – Yah I think it is a sign I need to get out of there… and I think the fact that I’m “trapped” into doing the job is pretty frustrating. On the bright side its a paycheck every month.

I hope I can bloom where I am planted.. I just wish I wasn’t so young? Does that sound weird? I just have all these frustrations and there is nothing that can be done until we actually move. By the way, I discovered a bus that goes to Koriyama in Fukushima. Is that anywhere near you?

See.. here I go again trying to plan to get away. 😦 I’m trying to be positive… really I am. Some days are better than others.

I am right there with you Sarah, sore breasts on lead me to think, the Flo is coming a week after, cranky, slight headache, water tension…I sure hope mine comes today but as I hit my early 30’s it is not as heavy… thank goodness…

Hope you feel better soon!

Ooohhh Koriyama is fun! I used to live an hour to the south and it was where all the JETs escaped to for some gaijin bar goodness and shopping at the department stores. Can’t remember any of the places we went now but they’d probably all have changed by now anyway. 😦

I know it’s kind of gym teacher/ mum dorky but if the sweet potato chips and tv don’t work get out and go for a brisk walk (brisk walk? Now I’m channelling my grandmother!) or bike ride. All those adrenalin fed endomorphins should get you feeling a bit better. Or there’s always ‘THIS SEASON ONLY’ chuhai to drown your sorrows in. 😉

Girl Japan – Thanks! Now that the weekend is over I feel a lot better. Hope you are ok as well!

The Fukases – Haha actually before reading your comment I did follow your advice. I ended up going out to do some dry cleaning/shopping and it was nice. Of course it rained all day Sunday (boo!) I ate too many sweet potato chips and I am now SICK of them!

haha I’m still grouchy.. especially on a Monday.. oh DH bought some SP chips as well but they were more sponge like and I hated them, but I LOVE the SP chips… they are so yummy…

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