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Good husband!! Good boy!!

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Ok well Ryohei has scored major points in my book after I was annoyed all weekend at him for various things.
Without my knowing it, he order a cake for my birthday next week! And he was planning to have it delivered during the day and surprise me, but since I won’t be getting back from Nay’s until late he decided to just have it be there waiting for me.

It was so cute cause he was like “Do you want to know or not know” And I’m like.. oh god.. he’s gonna tell me I don’t want to hear. But it was so sweet and I really appreciated it!! I’ve never really had any partners who did any cute things like that and I was so happy I started crying and being a stupid mess. *sigh*

Anyways major points.. which I suppose will make up for him working late tonight and tomorrow.

Anyways its time for Monday again (cry) I guess its time to get to hel… err work.


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I just wanted to say, that was really sweet of Ryohei to order you a cake. : ) Have a good week Sara! : )

Hey Sarah, how is my BFF doing on this find Monday? Me too.. Monday means back to work, I’m still grouchy as I wait to sail the crimson river.

I don’t have enough fingers on my hands to list all the annoyances Mr. brings on me. Did you have a blast at Nay’s, I hope you ladies had fun!

And Happy early B-day? Any plans? Will he let you have the cake all to yourself? I’m trying to catch up on some show series I ordered on DVD, it is the highlight of my day —knowing when I get home I have that waiting for me to unwind and digest..

On the cheer leading … me too, outside of the craziness I really enjoyed it in H.S. and middle school.. What I noticed about those who were cheerleaders, like myself we have a happy outlook on life…happy-go-lucky attitude,but Mondays… haha I’m not getting my pom poms out…

opps.. sp I meant fine.. haha

Happy early birthday! ANd what a sweet thing to do. It’s really thougtful and you know he had to go through the whole (painful if he’s like my dh) process of what size/ flavour/ colour/ decorations/ message etc and then organising delivery. Beats the bag full of 7-11 single serve cakes bought on the way home from work anyday!!

Ryohei is so sweet, I hope you enjoy your cake when you get home!!!

Gina – I was really pleasantly surprised!! It was a nice end to my weekend! thanks for your tip on where to get good bacon!

Girl Japan – Yah things were not bad today! Didn’t do too much! Hope that you can find some “relief” soon! I love coming home and watching a program or two! I have a couple series I download and I have set days where I watch them! Usually when Ryohei isn’t around! Nice to find another cheerleader! Yah I think optimism is a common trait! I enjoy it while I have it!

Thefukases – Yah! He told me he was debating on waking me up (no no no) but instead ordered a heart shaped chocolate mousse cake. Awwww.. (7-11 cakes sounds more like what I would do – yikes!)

Nay – Thank you!! I’m looking forward to this weekend sooooo much!

Oh how sweet- I love cake too! Yummy! Happy early birthday my darling- so jealous that you will be spending the weekend with Nay.

By the way are you watching that new series “The Mentalist”- It is supposed to be good and I have the first episode ready to watch.

Have a good week- any news on the baby front!??

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