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Ohh~ grown up stuff

Posted on: October 9, 2008

(Not the “fun” kind btw)
Ryohei and I sat down last night and started talking about buying our first car! We are going to need one in Niigata as he will be commuting to work and the train only goes from where we live to where his office is once every hour-2 hours.

We’ve decided to go with a “yellow plate” light framed car to save on gas and taxes(?) – not really sure how that works. So after browsing many many models we’ve decided to get a Subaru R2 used. We were looking at the prices last night and the ones that we liked- 2-3 years old, navigation system/tv equipped ran in the 55man-65man range so I guess that decent considering we’ll probably be using it for the next 3-5 years. It only seats 4 so obviously we will need to “upgrade” some time in the future.

Of course I can’t drive our car (yet) but I am looking forward to the convenience of having one! It will definitely be making life easier I think, especially since Nagaoka has some public transportation to get around the city, but no where near as much as Kobe does. Of course having a car means roadtrips as well!! Ryohei and I both love road trips so hopefully we’ll be making a lot!

Its only Thursday… man… I keep having moments this morning where I think that its Friday. Don’t you hate when that happens?


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Oooh congratulations!!

we have two yellow plates. A Suzuki Wagon R and a K-truck. They really are so cheap to run. The tax thing is for shakken. DH’s old car was a Subaru Legacy and his tax alone was more than the full shakken on our two cars now!

The only minus points I can think of for Ks are they have small petrol tanks so you need to remember that if you’re travelling late at night or really inaka where there aren’t so many open petrol stations. They are pretty fuel efficient though so that makes up for it.

And they suck on the expressway. With a speedo that only goes up to 140 and the car gets really noisy above 100 you are stuck in the left hand lane watching people speed past you. πŸ˜₯

We have a 5yo and a 3yo and drive 7+ hours to Fukushima and back in a K though so you may get a few years out of it yet. Unless of course you have triplets… πŸ˜‰

Ps LOVE my navi, definitely get a navi model!

We recently gave up our Alpha Romeo for a Subaru Outback. WE LOVE IT!!! Not a K car but still very efficient on gas, safe, navi is great. Are you guys buying immediatly? Or when you guys move to Nagaoka? If you wait until moving to Nagaoka we can look for the same model you mention and see if our dealership will cut you a better deal because we just bought a car there. Ours was used (just 10 months I think and was only owned by the dealership so we got a nice deal). They threw in some free stuff too- I think the navi was one of them.
Usually, people have great things to say about Subaru’s.

My parents drive a Subaru in the States. πŸ™‚

I wish we could buy a car. Cars here are still way overpriced in proportion to other things and I don’t see us able to afford one any time in the near future. Not that we need one anyhow, but I really miss driving! Have fun car shopping!

thefukases haha you make me laugh so much…. the slow lane.. Did you say two hours Sarah? For a train.. no way, really? I just can’t believe it.

I DESPISE public transportation (a fear of mine) so have always drove since my feet landed in Japan, my husband had a Skyline when I met him (he was a paper license holder) and then I began working so I put SO many kilometers on it… after the car was five years old, I wanted something slightly smaller (cost less in gas) but at that time he also needed a car… it was a difficult but important decision, especially when money is involved.

Three years ago I got a VW Bug, ( I think I over paid on mine because we are in Japan) and he picked up the Atenza (mine is much better on gas). My car will be paid off this year, and his next March but our plans were to trade in both for an SUV because I really want the x3 or Murrano, Harrier…but now things have changed so drastically, gas prices are high and both cars still have their shaken, so the trade in value would be higher now… BUT.. I was so disappointed to see how MUCH they depreciate…and both are in supreme, pristine condition.

I honesty don’t know what advice to give because I am a car and gadget buff but I will be so happy that we can save 90000yen a month once paid off…and looking forward to that so… gesh we have not even made up our minds yet.. sorry don’t know what to say. But no matter your decision, shop, shop, shop around — It took ME 4 months to finally decide, I think every VW dealer knew me, I was looking for the best deal… I’m such a cheapskate, but I do promise if I see you in the slow lane I’ll give you a turbo boost? heheh

every time i see a R2 care it makes me laugh…where’s the D2??

Congratulations on your first car (nearly!!! lol) I think getting a yellow number plate car is the best way to go – they are cheap on taxes and your right, they use way less petrol than white number plate cars!! Like the Fukases, we have a Suzuki Wagon R and my little Carol, which is SO SO SO SO good on fuel. I can get to and from work on 1 litre of petrol a day – thats nearly 40 minutes of driving time!!

But we can talk more about this on Saturday!! I’ve been counting down the days, lol!

thefukases~ yappari yellow plates are the way to go it seems! hopefully we won’t run into too many issues… i think the car will basically be for transporting ryohei to and from work and our occasional 3-day weekend trip. one of which may be to come see you, if you’ll have us! the high speed roads chart show that its only 2.5 hours and less than 4000 yen from my city to yours πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ (of course I looked it up πŸ˜‰ )

Oh and about triplets… no no no no no no no. I’ve had fantasies about twins… but nope. I’ve decided any and all babies I birth will come out one at a time!

Lily – Ohhh tempting! To be honest – I’m not sure exactly when the car buying is happening. Ryohei is considering buying it while are still here and commuting to work by car vs train… I will talk to him about it though! Glad to hear your rave review of the Subaru! I’m really looking forward to having our own!

Jess – Haha more Subaru owners yay! I think that in Japan cars are relatively cheap compared to other countries – but I’ve heard upkeep costs are pretty gastly. Some people will just buy a new car every 3-5 years instead of paying the upkeep fees on their older one.
Maybe this is just my imagination.. but aren’t there a lot of motorbikes/scooters in China? Do you have one?

Girl Japan – lol wow… you do seem like quite the car buff!!! completely different from me although I like your story about everyone at dealership knowing you. I like searching around for the best bargin as well!! Eventually I WILL get my Japanese licence so perhaps the Subaru will become “my car” and whatever new car we get after will be “his.” Hmm… still way of tho!

Illahee – Funny, Ryohei was saying the same thing O.O

Nay – I’ll be there in less than 48 hours~ woo hooo!!! Actually we were thinking about getting a Carol from Mazuda but Ryohei thinks the Subaru is “more his taste” *rolls eyes* I think his mom has a Suzuki Alto… and he doesn’t want the same car as his mom (although I guess that I don’t blame him lol)

You can blame my father, he had me starting engines when I could barely reach the steering…. I use to sit on his lap and then when I was 5, he left me do the shifting… I am a MAJOR car buff, no kidding the 10th VW dealer I went to they manager said “oh, so your the one” haha Girl.. I do not care, it was my money and you know I am looking for the best deal…plus feeling the vibe between myself and the sales person, that was important.. I think I scared the shit out of them when I test drove them.. voom voom..hehe

Anyway congrats… if you need some cruising tunes.. let me know, I can hook you up = ) — did you know that was the first I went for, I spend an hour in the car just to work a day.. so it has to have a bumping sound.. ya know.. hehe

Congratulations on being in the market for a car. Our first car in Japan was a yellow plate vehicle. It was a Suzuki Every Wagon. A *mini* minivan. Yellow plate cars are great with gas mileage and especially the way, the gas prices are so outrageous now days. Oh and our yearly taxes were dirt cheap, around 7,000 yen a year. Very affordable.
: ) Smart of you guys to choose a car with a yellow license plate. : )

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