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525,600 minutes

Posted on: October 10, 2008

Which obviously I remembered from the song in RENT!
Today marks a year since I started my blog! Wow!! I can’t believe its been a year and nearly 100 posts!

I’m pretty proud of myself as I am a notoriously lazy blogger and I would have to say I’ve been able to keep up most in part thanks to all the wonderful ladies you can see listed to the right of this blog. Reading your blogs and writing in my own blog this last year has been a really wonderful experience and a necessary one I think for keeping my sanity through somewhat crazy times that living as an expat brings.

A lot has happened in a year… Ryohei and I moved in together, got married, and have now made steps to our next stage in life. He’s found a stable job and we are thinking about starting a family in the next year. I’m looking forward to seeing how much happens in the next year.

Tomorrow I will be headed to see Nay in Shizuoka!! I will of course be bringing my camera and plan to take many pictures!

I’m also hoping I’ll hear back on the novel translation… its been 2 weeks now… so I’m starting to think its bad news.. but the project has been released to the public so if I get it, I’ll be able to talk about the name and publisher on my blog!


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TGIF Sarah!!! I have you in my RSS feeds! My work day is done, done! Congrats on your 100th mark, it is great to have friends even if so virtually hopefully not for long, you can Nay can come and crash anytime!

We should have a P.J. Party- I have two spare beds that are empty. What are your plans? I bet you two gals will have SOOOO much fun, you can help Nay hang out her clothes over night so Ms. Gossip can have something to talk about… how trivial is that.. Shizuoka is right next to me, well not RIGHT next but close…

I admire you, you have been here half the time I have and have mastered the language which I have not even done yet, you were my inspiration to get started again. I know the whole NDA thing sucks but if you get the job… put it on the loud speaker!!! Don’t worry Sarah, there are probably hundreds who applied- and most likely boiling down to something arbitrary – but you darling are lovely, beautiful (loving the swank hair) and intellectual, smart, REAL which is something that draws me to your blog!!!

Damn.. I can not found out anywhere where Ugly Betty season 2 starts.. err…

Congratulatons on making the year! Yay!

I have been doing it for 2.5 years now and have not yet done 400 posts…

Have a absolutely fantastic weekend with Nay- Talk to you soon!

Please have a wonderful weekend with Nay! I am sure you guys will have a fantastic time! : )

And congratulations on the 100 posts, I have enjoyed getting to know you from this blog. I’ve enjoyed going through your goods and bads with you, even if just virtually. Have a good night, my friend. : )

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