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Shizuoka with Nay and Naoki! (picture post)

Posted on: October 15, 2008

The beautiful couple by the beautiful beach side! Wow I was soooo jealous that they lived right on the water!

Nay took me to a Tonakatsu place she likes! It was delicious!! i like this picture of us – I am so happy to have such a great friend!

This is the mikoshi(?) Japanese shrine that was taking part in the Kakegawa Festival. See the drums in there? They woke me up at 5:30 am my first morning there!! Grrr!! (But pretty!)

Nay wrote about our BBQ in her blog, will this was our dinner that night~~ A delicious nabe!! Kimchi and goma style! Note all the shiratake mushrooms (Nay at 80% of them hehe! I ate most of the tofu!)

My cake from Ryohei (awww) Inside was chocolate mousse!! So good!!

Me and my boy!! (turned out a little blurry tho)

Real post coming when I have the time to sit down and write it!!!


4 Responses to "Shizuoka with Nay and Naoki! (picture post)"

Oh I love love love kimochi nabe (minus the tofu 🙂 hehe)

It looks lovely- I wish I could of been there. Perhaps not the next time you meet up but the time after that I will be there (since it will be my wedding and all haha!) and then again when we have fireworks in August next year. Less than a year away- you might have a bub by then or at least be heavily heavily pregnant! Very exciting.

Can`t wait to become an auntie lulu!

Love the cake!!!! My love to Ryohei!

Oooo Chocolat! Yum, delish, my taste buds are watering over here! What a lovely beach! Thanks for sharing your photos with us, you are so adorable Sarah! You too look like peas in a pod!

I am so glad the both of you met each other, I wonder if all three of us (opps four of us) sorry Lulu will all have one year old Tots running around next year…

Just for the record – I think I probably ate about 90% of those shiitake, lol!!! But they are just SO SO SO yummy, especially with that nabe sauce!!

The cake Ryohei bought for you is just gorgeous!! Sounds delicious too!

Girl in Japan – if everything goes to plan over here, I’ll have just given birth to my first child at the end of next year!! We will definitely have to meet up, all 4 of us!!

lulu – I still feel bad about the tofu rice porrage incident!! A true low in my career as a hostess! (Not the kind you’d find in Kabuki-cho)

You will be a great Auntie!! Between you and Nay, I think my future children will sound more Aussie then American (lol)

Girl Japan – It was a lot of fun!! Thats exciting that we might be taking the “fun” pregnancy journey together! Although I think as opposed to running around next year mine will be sluggishly squirming. I think Lulu is going to be on par for my 2nd child … she gets to be auntie lulu and practice first lol

Nay – Hahha. You ate so many shiitake. The nabe was delicious tho!! I was still so full from the BBQ that I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted!

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