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Shizuoka with Nay and Naoki! (written post)

Posted on: October 16, 2008

Well I finally had some time to sit down and actually write about my trip to Shizuoka! There won’t be any pictures in this post but the one below it and Nay’s post have plenty if you care to see!

Saturday – Had a nice relaxed Saturday morning packing and getting ready for my trip. I made sure to leave with plenty of time since I really did not want to miss my shinkansen. I love riding in them and I have only gotten to do it 2-3 times the whole time I’ve ever lived in Japan! I arrived at Kakegawa Station around lunch time and Nay was waiting there in the station to take me to her house! From the first moment we started talking I knew we would get along well! Not that I really had any doubts, I think that when you read about a persons life pretty much everyday you have a good idea if you will get along or not! (Or maybe that’s just me) She also introduced me to Naoki who was a little shy at first! (Very different from my talkative and trying to crack jokes Ryohei)

We had a little lunch and then went to the beach by Nay’s house! It was soooo gorgeous. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing very appropriate beach clothes and ended up being soaked! But it was a lot of fun and I felt like a little kid again! Digging for clams and feeling the salty sea breeze. I was reminded so much of my childhood in California. I’m so jealous of Nay since she lives 5(!) minutes from that beautiful sandy beach. After the beach we went back to rest up and chat. After that we went out for Tonkatsu! It was very yummy! I really enjoy tonkatsu but try not to eat it too often since its not the best thing… but yum! I love all the little extras that came with it as well… pickles, freshly steamed rice, miso soup, and cabbage!

When we got back we had the infamous scrabble match, Naoki started out very strong. It is QUITE embarrassing to be crushed by a non-native speaker! And then I had a strong stint in the middle, and finally at the end Nay pulled out some great moves! But alas, I took the lead on the very last play of the game. Oh by the way… Naoki was TRASH TALKING me during the first half (ok… and maybe I was doing a little back as well) It was so hilarious! Because he would be like “Oh if I used those letters I would have gotten xx points more than you!” He had seemed so soft spoken at first, I guess that game brought out the true Naoki! He was very funny!


We knew that Sunday was going to be a long day! We planned to have a BBQ at this little place by a river about 45 min. or so from where Nay and Naoki lived. Naoki’s friends also came. Not sure if people know this but Naoki went to school in Nagaoka (where we are moving) and so he and his friend (also went to Nagaoka) tried to tell me some of the good parts of living there…. Which were pretty much… “we had fun driving in the mountains” and “the sake is good” Not much help since I can’t drive and I don’t drink often (especially not since I’m trying to get preggers!) The BBQ was great! We had so much food! Too much actually! We didn’t even get to all of the meat so I guess that its still sitting in Nay’s freezer as I speak. We also played badminton! It was so much fun! I tried to find a set at our local 100 yen shop but couldn’t! I may have to try and find another shop. I really want to be more active and it was fun to play badminton – not to mention that just from 15 mins or so of playing my butt was killing me the next day!

After the BBQ we went back to the apartment and relaxed for the next few hours. Nay and I talked a lot, and at one point I was “mysteriously” made to go inside one of the rooms for 5 minutes while Naoki came home from a “mysterious” shopping trip. (lol) After that we had Nabe!! Naoki’s friends came back so the 5 of us had a huge nabe and watched Nay and Naoki’s wedding video! (aww) It was a really beautiful wedding! Even though I wasn’t able to make it, I really felt like I was there and Naoki’s speech to Nay at the reception made me all teary! By the way… the highlight was the zoom in “kiss the bride” moment which Naoki’s friend wanted to watch more than once! (haha)

Around 8:30 or so we called up Lulu on Skype! It was the first time we ever talked as a threesome and it was so fun! I love those girls they are so crazy. Actually I felt kind of bad because Nay and I both want to have children relatively soon so we were talking about that a lot and I hope we didn’t add unwanted pressure!! (sorry, L!) But anyways we were all laughing and having fun! It really is so great to find people of about the same age and same stage of life. The three of us have just seemed to really click since we all found each others blogs!

After our call, they had a little birthday party for me complete with a delicious chocolate cake!! I was so “surprised” and happy! Nay also gave me a couple books/magazines = English language reading material!! It was really a great, but tiring day! I slept like a baby that night!


After how crazy things were the day before, we decided to take Monday easy. REALLY easy. Pretty much I was in my pajama’s most of the morning just talking to Nay. We talked about a lot of things through out the weekend. A lot of them involved our families (back home etc) and our thoughts on living and bringing up (bilingual) children in Japan. We have a lot of the same apprehensions and a few different ones. But it was really great to have someone to talk about that with. A lot of my friends already have children so I’ve gotten to see them in action, but there are still so many things I don’t know. Knowing that Nay and I are going to start trying for our first babies around the same time is really comforting! Both in the fact that we will be going through the same things at the same time, and in the future we hope our children will be close. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I bought my first baby “thing” while I was there. I found a soft and cozy Totoro (I love Totoro!!) blanket at Nay’s near by store and although a little pricy – I knew I really wanted it! I’m not a huge fan of most of the “baby themes” common here in Japan – Baby Mickey/
Mickey/Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Anpanman etc… but I do love Totoro/ Studio Ghibli stuff! Its really expensive, but I’d love to have a few pieces!

After I bought my blanket we picked up some omiyage (sweet cakes) for Ryohei and drove past Kakegawa Castle on the way to train! Ryohei likes Japanese history/castles etc so when we both go to visit we will have to go in and check it out!

Anyways I had an uneventful ride back to Kobe and I was so happy to see Ryohei who had dinner waiting for me when I got home!! He is the best! So it was a wonderful weekend, good friends and fun!

I really loved both Nay and Naoki! You can really see how in love they are – yappari newlyweds tte ii na! Its always interesting seeing the dynamic in relationships, especially international ones, but I think that they a really special wonderful couple, and I’m glad to know both of them!

Its only a month and a half or so before we can meet up again! Yay!!


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I had to laugh reading about your buying the Totoro blanket, not because of you but because I did the same thing. Before I was even married (we were engaged) I found a cute, cute, cute plush Totoro rattle and I bought it and kept it for our first baby.

What a fabulous sounding weekend. You’ll definitely have to come up here. Not sure I can top Nay’s hospitality though. Hmmm, you like apples? 😉

We did the baby thing buying too. And at least yours works boy or girl! DH bought one of those kintaro apron and pants outfits and we ended up with two girls! Oh well, may still use it some day I guess. 😉

I don`t mind talking about babies- as long as you both understnad that I won`t be having one until you guys are probably ready for your second. Waiting for the wedding first…

It sounds like you both had a fantastic weekend- sounds like you and me Sara- talking about babies, life in Japan and billingualness!!!!

I am thoroughly looking forwardd to seeing you both gain!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting up! Isn’t it great when you can meet your bloggy friends IRL? 🙂

Sounds like you had a great trip!

I didn’t buy my first baby stuffage until I was about 6 months along I think! Once you start though, it is hard to stop, baby stuff is irresistable. 😛

Trisha – Hehe, I guess the appeal of Totoro is just too strong!! I have been good at resisting so far, but with all the talk of it lately I just had to give in… once!

thefukases – Oh no!! (haha) Yes I suppose I should hold off too much. I don’t want to jinx myself! My friend has one of those kintaro outfits for her son! Very cute – but – is there reasoning behind it?

Lulu – I agree! You should totally be concentrating on your wedding first. Although its in only another half year or so! (wow)

Kuri – Its so great! I just wish we lived closer. It would be so easy to forget all the little things if I could meet up with all you ladies. *sigh*

Jess – It was totally fun!! I think (hope) I won’t be picking up too much yet! It was just one of those spur of the moment, I’ll probably never find this again. Its hard to believe that maybe in the next year or so I’ll actually have someone to put on it!

Hi Sara-

Actually this is a comment for the above post but seeing as though I’ve never commented on your blog I don’t know your email or facebook. I have read your blog for a bit (and other japan bloggers but only commented on gina’s thus far) as I could find myself in similar situations next year but I wanted to put my two cents in about the above post.

It seems to be you aren’t thrilled about moving to the inaka so my advice for you is to stick it out for the four months. It seems to be to be the perfect time for you to say “goodbye” to the city life (for now at least). I love Kobe and it seems you like it as well so it would be your opportunity to go to your favorite cafes, muesums, and just enjoy walking around the city. Therefore at the end of the four months when you want to be with your husband again the inaka won’t seem so bad, you will have made some money and you’ll have closure on your city life and look forward to life with your family. That’s what I think from a very outsider’s point of view. Good luck deciding!

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