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Unwanted Visitor

Posted on: October 19, 2008

So I was just minding my own business yesterday when a huge BEE flew in through the window. I live on the 4th floor so I figured opening the small window without the screen wouldn’t be a huge issue. (oh was i wrong)
It was HUGE about the size of half my pinky finger so of course I was freaking out. You should have seen me in Nays house running away from a fricken fly!!

Of course my apartment is only one room – so that meant I had to get out… after I watched it from the genkan for about an hour wishing so brave man who would kill if for me would walk by. (My own brave man was at work – grr)

After none came by and my nerves were shot, I just decided to wait it out until Ryohei got home from work. So that I did.. I walked around my neighborhood for about… 4 hours. And when Ryohei finally got back, the FUC*** was gone… I don’t know if it found its way out the window or is making a nest somewhere in one of my closets.. but I sure didn’t sleep well last night.

Well at least we have a huge can of bug killing spray now in the case it or any of its kind decides to return!

Oh – and that window is staying permanently shut from now on. And in our new apartment every window is having a screen!!!!

Ohhh I HATE BUGS!! especially stingy/bitey ones!! ;_;


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Yikes but the fact you walked around for four hours.. “giggles” I can not believe you did that..

I also can not beleive you walked around for four hours- I would of just went to the koban and asked one of the policeman to come and deal with it! hehe!

Bugs freak me out too. Spiders are the worst. I was at my friends place last weekend and she had a huntsman IN HER ROOM and it did not bother her yet it freaked me out completely! I also hate cockoroaches…and hornets (cos I am allergic)

Yucky! Glad you have bug spray now though!

Ew I’m in the bug-hating club too! I TOTALLY get why you walked around for 4 hours – I’d so do that too!!

Yah, I am a bug wuss I know!! But, honestly where I grew up (Southern California) bees just do not get that big!! All we have are yellow jackets and the occasional bumble bee… oh well… seems like bug spray will be a permanent household fixture now… apparently it also kills mukade (giant centapieds)

– Oh and Lulu, I didn’t know what a huntsman was so I looked it up…. apparently they are in Japan too… I hope for my sanity they have the good sense to stay away from any dwelling I may be in.

How wierd that the bee came into your room on the 4th floor!I was in a elevator the other day with J near his office, and he said that during summer, the elevator was full of mozzies! Strange.

Myself, I am ok with bugs, but MICE scare the bejanglers out of me. We had a/several? mice in the granny flat type house we used to live in beside the PIL’s house. I came down in the morning and found it running up the curtain in the living room. I was soooooo scared, I ran to get MIL to come and get it, but it was already gone. I was in the classic on-top-of-the-chair pose for ages. Also when J and I were in the Amazon jungle (part of our honeymoon), there was a mouse in our cabin. It ate through the material of my backpack to get to the cocoa powder I had to make hot chocolates. I could hardly sleep the whole time we were there. Everytime J moved during the night I would freak out, thinking the mouse or some other creature was playing footsies with me.

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